Creating Community

Creating Community

Affirmation: I am open to a deeper understanding of Spirit within all people. We are One.

The affirmation for this month is a powerful and deeply transformative practice—if we take it on, if we are truly open to understanding Spirit within all people.

This type of work takes us to the edge of our knowing and probably to the edge of our comfort zone, because it invites us to understand all people, which would include those who think differently from ourselves, those with whom we don’t agree.

We Are the World

We are one in Spirit but it seems that as human beings we are very separate. This is not so. We are not as separate as we might think. As human beings, we are very much interdependent. We are much more intimate with one another than we might realize.

From birth to death we are dependent upon others. From the time the first humans walked on this planet, the family, the tribe, and the community have been necessary to sustain human life. Today our community includes virtually everyone on Earth; this is certainly evident in the arena of economics and commerce.