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Creating Cutting-Edge Technology With a Purpose

Noelle LaCharite

Noelle LaCharite freely admits that she’s a “little different than your average bear.” This might be a bit of an understatement considering her successful 20-plus year career in the IT engineering field, coupled with a strong desire to use her admirable skillsets to enhance the Unity movement and spread the message of positive, practical Christianity.

LaCharite, an Alexa evangelist and solutions architect at Amazon in Seattle, is the person behind the new and innovative Unity launch into voice-enabled technology using Alexa-enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo—Amazon’s top-selling home speaker.

90 Years of Inspiration: Celebrating Daily Word

In July 1924, “devoted to the daily practice of Christian truths,” Unity Daily Word made its debut. The cost was $.10 a copy or $1 a year.

Rev. Eric Page, archivist at Unity Village, says the publication was created to meet requests for a monthly manual of daily meditations and spiritual instruction.  “Man finds the lost word when he finds within himself his God-given power to create through his word,” read the cover message of that historic issue.

Because Unity encouraged the use of affirmations to positively change one’s thinking, the “word” in Daily Word® refers to meditating on an affirmative idea daily.

Oprah Recites From Daily Word on OWN

Oprah Recites From Daily Word on OWN

Liberation and a life without limits—NBA center Jason Collins epitomized this Daily Word® message when he sat down on May 5 with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter and spoke on coming out as the first gay male athlete in a major U.S. professional sport.

“The clarion call of freedom sounds within my soul, trumpeting the truth that the love of God liberates me from unhappiness, hurt, or fear,” Oprah recited from Daily Word during the interview with Collins.

Prison in England Transcribes Daily Word for the Blind

Prison in England Transcribes Daily Word for the Blind

Behind the barricaded walls of HMP Garth Prison in Preston, Lancashire, prisoners in the Braille Unit provide inspiration to the vision-impaired by offering free braille editions of Daily Word® within the United Kingdom.

The work is both challenging and rewarding for the 12 prisoners involved in Garth’s Braille workshop. Transcribers must complete an intense 20- to 25-hour-per-week, four- to six-month training course where they learn six-key braille entry, how to sight read braille, as well as proofread pages before embossing. They are also required to complete an external qualification before moving on to transcribe Daily Word and other books.

Living a Life That’s Not Just Good, But Amazing!

Living a Life Thats Not Just Good But Amazing!

According to Rev. Temple Hayes, CEO and senior minister of First Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, when we were children, the world we saw was the size of the world we lived in. For Hayes, who grew up in a strict Southern Baptist community in a small town in South Carolina, that world was one where “everyone thought the same and never asked questions about anything in their lives, including about God.” Nevertheless, she says, she always felt called to make a difference in the lives of others.