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The Secret Place, Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

Finding the Secret Place

How do we transport ourselves to this secret place? How do we obtain divine access? And, once entrance has been accomplished, how do we rest and dwell in it continuously? Another worrisome question is this: Once we have achieved it, can we ever actually lose the sacred key that unlocks the secret place?

Finding our center of peace begins with identifying the proper physical setting. Somewhere in our material world exists a space already prepared for us.


Have you ever felt as if someone had turned the lights out on your life and gone home?

When you need guidance, you may feel this way. But you always have a guide with you. You always have the presence of God with you to show you the way out into the light again.

Just for the moment you are reading this sentence, think about a decision or choice you need to make. Does it seem overwhelming? Is it taking all your time and energy? Are you torn between what you really want to do and what may seem right for you to do? When you put your options on the scales of your consciousness, do they weigh out in an answer that you really are not comfortable with?

The Answer Will Come

The deep desire within your heart, dear friend, is now in the process of coming into expression. Although it is not yet visible or tangible in your life, you can help yourself find peace about it by saying quietly and with conviction: “It will come. It will come.”

Instead of dwelling on the appearances that seem to hinder and obstruct the fulfillment you desire, give your complete attention to the simple conviction, “It will come.” Turn your thoughts to these three little words each time any negative or limited feeling arises.

Looking Through

Each of us has a great storehouse of treasures, some of which are just beyond human awareness.

We also have the power to bring these treasures into visibility. This power has always been within every person; it came with us from the beginning and no outer condition or situation can take it from us. We cannot do anything to rob our self of this immeasurable gift. However, we do have the choice to use our God-given powers to the fullest or to let them lie dormant.

Talk It Over With God

Is something upsetting and disturbing you, dear friend? Talk it over with God. Talk about it freely with God. Tell God your doubts or fears or apprehensions, and He will respond and bring new courage, reassurance, and peace. If you are feeling hurt or disappointed in some area of your life or in a relationship, talk it over with God. Pour out your frustrations or feelings of anger, grief, resentment, or unhappiness.

Tell God exactly how you feel and why, everything you hold within your heart. Give God all of your pent-up emotions without hesitation, and God will, in turn, open His great heart of love for you. God will reveal to you the healing solution for every difficulty in your life!

The Law of Visualization

The Law of Visualization

One of the most important aspects of the study of Truth is training the eyes to see properly. Since infancy we have been using our eyes in progressive degrees of perceptiveness. However, a person is never really mature until he or she understands the basic process of visualization. We have been conditioned to believe that life is lived from outside-in. We see things "out there," and we react with attitudes and feelings about them. Without question, what we see is as it is. Seeing is believing! This may give rise to defeatist comments, such as, "What are you going to do? It's just the way things are!"

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

... We can never understand Truth or life until we give up, once and for all, the idea of favoritism in the universe, and until we stop praying to be forgiven before we have changed our own attitudes. God plays no favorites. If you have your finger in a socket and are being shocked, you can pray all you want but nothing will happen until you remove your finger.

The Unconditioned Power

The Unconditioned Power

There is a great need in the world today for a religion that is practical and livable. We need a philosophy that leads us to a sense of unity with the Infinite and with the infinite number of human personalities with whom we live and do business. We need a concept that leads to the release of our innate potential for wholeness of mind and body, serenity of spirit, happy and prosperous living, and for the creative fulfillment of the persons we are intended to become. Actually, we need go no further than the teachings of Jesus, but we must go further with these teachings.

The Truth About Direct Knowing

The Truth About Direct Knowing

Everywhere there is a professed need for guidance: for children, for marriages, for business. Yet if someone publicly suggests that he depends on divine guidance, he may be looked upon with distrust. Often it is seen to be mystical or some kind of magic.

There is an almost instinctive feeling in every person that there is something beyond his personal prejudices, something more than his worries, something that can be reached. However, all too often this something has been dealt with on the level of superstition: the flip of a coin, tarot cards, tea leaves, stars or a crystal ball.