Dr. Susan's 11 Healthy Living Tips

The most visible joy can only reveal itself to us when we've transformed it, within.
—Rainer Maria Rilke

Sometimes we just need gentle guidance and daily reminders about how to invite more vibrancy in to our bodies and lives. Here, at a glance, are 11 key suggestions that will make a mighty difference when you incorporate them into your life. See which ones you can embrace today.

Think Yourself Thin

Think Yourself Thin

Let's talk about diet and reducing. Why do we experience the nagging hunger for food? What controls our appetite? The answer is really simple: our mental state, our consciousness. When you crave certain foods, it is because your mental attitude has created a demand for the food that will make your body reflect the image of yourself in consciousness. You have a certain impression of yourself subconsciously and the food you eat is used by your body cells to sustain that subconscious image. These body cells are by nature willing servants of the mind.