With a Hammer and a Hoe

The following article is adapted from the 1988 edition of Prayer: The Master Key by James Dillet Freeman.

Three men were fishing in a small boat on a lake when a storm arose. The winds rocked the boat, the waves washed over the sides, and the boat began to take on water.

“We had better pray,” cried the first man.

“We had better bail,” cried the second man.

“Let us pray,” said the third man, “but let us bail while we pray.”

There is a prayer that is action.

Too often we think we cannot pray unless we are sitting still, eyes closed, body relaxed, thought suspended.

Your Untapped Potential

The Bible story of the talents is a familiar one. One servant received five talents, another two, another one. Two of the servants used, or invested, their talents and increased them. The third servant guarded his closely for fear of losing it. Those servants who used and increased their talents were given more, and the servant who fearfully clung to his had it taken away and given to the servant with ten talents.

The Truth About Worry, Part 1

“Do Not Worry”
Probably no wise, scientific, and spiritual injunction has suffered a worse fate of wordy praise and actual neglect than Jesus’ frequently repeated one with regard to worry. In fact, Jesus went further than merely cautioning us against this destructive mental habit. His words, “do not worry,” (Mt. 6:34) are a command.

Jesus said that we should not worry about food, clothing, shelter, or by implication, any of the necessities of life. It may seem difficult to fully accept this teaching that we do not need to worry or be afraid or anxious. However, Jesus provided the technique for making it simple and easy for us.

The Reason for Things

Have you ever wondered about the reason for things? Have you wondered why you are where you are in life, why you are doing what you are doing, why your life seems to have taken the turn it has? Even though you cannot answer these questions from a human standpoint—that is, not really answer them—you can find a satisfactory answer in the realization of the truth about yourself. If you realize that you are a spiritual being, a living soul sent out from God, that your life is without beginning or end, you can begin to see yourself and the events of your life from a different perspective. You are essentially a spiritual being, but you are at the same time a human being.

More Than We Settle For

Life is more than we settle for. There is a higher reality. There is a power beyond what we ordinarily believe to be our own, beyond what we ordinarily believe to be operating.

This power is accessible. At times we all touch it—or let it touch us.

Looking Through

Each of us has a great storehouse of treasures, some of which are just beyond human awareness.

We also have the power to bring these treasures into visibility. This power has always been within every person; it came with us from the beginning and no outer condition or situation can take it from us. We cannot do anything to rob our self of this immeasurable gift. However, we do have the choice to use our God-given powers to the fullest or to let them lie dormant.

Creative Risk Taking

Creative Risk Taking

Have you ever noticed how at times you want to feel secure and settled, but at other times you long for a great adventure? From time to time even the most conservative of us have that restless feeling of the unknown calling us, enticing us with the possibility of having a great adventure.

Adventure has to do with uncertain outcomes. And inherent in any adventure is a risk. And, of course, the perceived risk involved is what keeps many of us from embarking on an adventure. Security can pull on us so heavily that, although we may think about the adventure, sometimes even long for it, we do not take the risk.