The Silence

The Silence

There is only one way to experience "the silence" and that is to be silent, physically and emotionally silent. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the process called meditation.

Small Investments Bring Big Benefits
Sitting quietly, with the body relaxed and the mind stilled, brings many physical and emotional benefits. It reduces tension and stress, lightens anxiety, lowers blood pressure, increases energy levels, improves sleep patterns, helps to decrease harmful body chemicals and increase beneficial ones. It does all this and much more.

The Truth About Worry, Part 1

“Do Not Worry”
Probably no wise, scientific, and spiritual injunction has suffered a worse fate of wordy praise and actual neglect than Jesus’ frequently repeated one with regard to worry. In fact, Jesus went further than merely cautioning us against this destructive mental habit. His words, “do not worry,” (Mt. 6:34) are a command.

Jesus said that we should not worry about food, clothing, shelter, or by implication, any of the necessities of life. It may seem difficult to fully accept this teaching that we do not need to worry or be afraid or anxious. However, Jesus provided the technique for making it simple and easy for us.

The Way of Peace

As individuals, we earnestly desire peace. We want peace in our homes, in our countries, in our relationships with one another. We want peace in our innermost thoughts and feelings.

We believe that peace is God's will for the world, for the very birth of Jesus was heralded by the angels’ proclamation: “On earth peace” (Lk. 2:14). Jesus decreed peace for us again and again: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. … Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid” (Jn. 14:27).

Our Spiritual Senses, Part 3—Taste

The most intimate of the mystical experiences, seems to be taste, in which we receive, so to speak, the kiss of God in our inmost being. Spirit which is the most sweet kiss … pours into our inmost being, the fire, the light, the life, and the love … unconditional and infinite love, which is the ultimate source of creation and the universe.—Fr. Thomas Keating

In the previous articles, I introduced you to the sense of smell and touch as inlets of spiritual knowledge—to experiencing God. Yet an even more profound communication is through the spiritual sense of taste. Many know the Psalmist used this very word to describe the intense exultation in knowing Spirit, “O taste and see the goodness of God!”

The Secret Place, Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

Finding the Secret Place

How do we transport ourselves to this secret place? How do we obtain divine access? And, once entrance has been accomplished, how do we rest and dwell in it continuously? Another worrisome question is this: Once we have achieved it, can we ever actually lose the sacred key that unlocks the secret place?

Finding our center of peace begins with identifying the proper physical setting. Somewhere in our material world exists a space already prepared for us.

The Secret Place, Part 1

Is there any place that is truly safe today?

In an age of rampant crime, random violence, and international terrorism, “safe places” are much sought after and even harder to find. Most cities now have gated communities designed to isolate and protect those inside. People everywhere are seeking refuge from outside forces perceived as negative and dangerous.

However, the Psalmist tells us this: “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Ps. 91:1 KJV). And we are further assured: “Because you have made the Lord your refuge, the Most High your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, no scourge come near your tent” (Ps. 91:9-10).

Our Spiritual Senses, Part 2—Touch

In the previous article I talked about the spiritual sense of smell, as akin to our physical sense of smell (an attraction to something). The spiritual sense of smell is a symbol, a metaphor for  attraction to being attentive to Spirit hidden all around us, as well as within us. This week, the focus is on touch, which is a symbol for our closeness to the divine, the feeling of being embraced and belonging.


Have you ever felt as if someone had turned the lights out on your life and gone home?

When you need guidance, you may feel this way. But you always have a guide with you. You always have the presence of God with you to show you the way out into the light again.

Just for the moment you are reading this sentence, think about a decision or choice you need to make. Does it seem overwhelming? Is it taking all your time and energy? Are you torn between what you really want to do and what may seem right for you to do? When you put your options on the scales of your consciousness, do they weigh out in an answer that you really are not comfortable with?