Welcoming Grace

Affirmation: Grace is an upward pull of the universe, lifting me to the heights of my divine nature.

Seeking the Meaning of Grace

St. Augustine said: “What is grace? I know until you ask me; when you ask me, I do not know.” If we asked a dozen people their definition of grace, we might uncover a dozen different answers including, “I don’t know.”

You Are Unfettered, Unbound, Triumphant, Glorious, Free

You Are Unfettered, Unbound, Triumphant, Glorious, Free

Do you feel bound by what you have been, bound by the past, bound by your lacks, bound by the picture you have created of yourself in your own mind and in the minds of others?

You can be free! You can be free from feelings of insecurity, from feelings of inferiority. You can be free from moodiness or depression. You can be free from dependence on anything in the outer for satisfaction and peace. You can be free, because this is the way God created you.

The beginning of your freedom lies in your own mind. When you let go limiting and binding thoughts, you find that conditions, persons, or circumstances no longer have power over you.

Awaken to God's Grace

Awaken to God's Grace

It was a disorienting and painful time in my life. I had recently divorced, changed jobs, moved to a different house, and was just beginning to adjust to having joint custody of my daughter. Each step toward establishing order in my house helped me begin to orient myself to this new phase of life. Yet night after night, I would slip back into disorientation, often waking up and not knowing where I was. When this happened, I would first make certain where I was—in this unfamiliar bedroom within a strange house that had not yet become a home. Then, once I knew where I was, I would awaken more fully and determine if my daughter Suzanne was with me or with her Dad.

Concerning Grace

Concerning Grace

Few words in Christian theology are used more or understood less than the word grace. Often heard are such phrases as God's grace and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. What does the word mean? How does it work in our lives? In theology the word is surrounded by an air of mystery. Actually it is a very simple explanation of the natural flow of the creative process in the individual.

Creating a Vibrant Life

“The widest possibilities for spiritual growth lie in the give-and-take of everyday relationships.”—Eknath Easwaran

Most of the calls I receive for spiritual coaching involve relationships. People are either experiencing a loss of connection with their goals, dreams, and visions, or they are confused about their purpose and where to go from here.

How to Forgive Yourself

I signed up with a trash removal service that requires rural customers to mark their addresses on their garbage cans. I took a can of white spray paint and etched my street number on one of the brown rubber cans. I set the can in the back of my SUV, drove it to the end of my road, and left the garbage in the appropriate spot. When I returned to my garage, I was irked to notice that some of the white paint had rubbed off on the back of my seat; apparently, it had not fully dried on the can. But it did dry on my car. I tried to remove the paint, but by that time it was stuck fast.