I AM Guided

Affirmation: I am in tune with Spirit’s guidance.

I’m not asking for much. All I want is a little guidance. A burning bush would be nice. A few words written in the sky. Some days, I’d even settle for a particularly relevant fortune cookie. Please, God, just give me clarity in the midst of my confusion.

But alas, I’ve yet to discover a message emblazoned on the horizon, I’ve never seen a burning bush, and my last fortune cookie instructed me to learn Chinese.

The truth is that we live in Spirit’s wisdom. Like the fish in search of water, we are swimming in wisdom all the time but just don’t see it. Guidance is not something for which we have to grasp. It is something to which we attune.

God's Law of Justice Cannot Fail

God's Law of Justice Cannot Fail

Does life seem unfair to you? Does it seem that others find it easier to have the things they want and need, that others are blessed with good dispositions, with good looks, with splendid abilities? If you entertain any such thoughts, you need to reestablish yourself in the consciousness of justice. First of all, in thinking such thoughts you are not being just to yourself.

To establish yourself in a thought of justice, think about ideas such as the following:

Go After What You Want

Go After What You Want

I came home from a shopping excursion the other day to find a wild bird, which appeared to be a Grackle, flying around the inside of my house. She slammed into every window she could find in an attempt to escape. After several attempts to steer toward an open window, she finally flew out. I remember thinking that there were no obvious ways a bird could have gotten into our house, but weird things happen from time to time. I gave a sigh of relief and chalked it up as a sign of something to figure out later.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

You may be tempted to abandon some of your dreams when you reach a certain age. True, age may be a barrier to specific goals, such as winning at Wimbledon. But your age does not have to prevent or limit you from experiencing the glories of tennis, if that’s your passion.

Let’s take an example. If you dream of being a ballet dancer, you probably should have started training at age 5 1/2. Now, at 42—paunchy, saggy, tired and stiff—you can stand on your toes only to reach the supersize box of salsa chips. So what can you do today to follow your dream? Here are four suggestions:

1. First ask yourself this: Do I still really want to involve myself with ballet? Or is it a residual “should” from old voices?