The Power in Forgiveness

I had visualized this happening time after time for years: I was behind the wheel of my car, stopped at an intersection. Then the very person who had ruined my life walked in front of my car. With a terror-stricken face, he turned to look at me, just as I hurled the car forward at full throttle.

Now—right before my eyes—my revenge fantasy was about to come true. Or was it? Something had happened that kept me from wanting revenge: I had forgiven him.

A Story of Healing

I have lived with multiple sclerosis for over 25 years. In 1993 the disease kicked into full gear, ravaging my body and rendering me a quadriplegic within 10 years.

My life and my family's were completely turned upside down and changed forever. I struggled with bouts of illness, feeling as if my body was completely out of control. I had periods of depression and was hospitalized several times. I had toxic medications shot into my veins and my muscles. No matter what we tried, multiple sclerosis did what it wanted to do. As multiple sclerosis continued its rampage through my body, that was indeed my perceived reality.

The Work of Prayer in Healing

Your Desire for Health
Your desire for perfect health has its source in God. Unity's co-founder Myrtle Fillmore wrote: “Whenever we have an experience of sickness, it is evidence that we have been letting go of our hold on the gifts of God. We have ceased eagerly to appropriate and analyze and assimilate and make use of the life of Spirit through our thoughts, our words, our acts, our living habits.”

The Healing Stream, Part 3

The Healing Stream, Part 3; waterfall

Excerpted from In the Flow of Life.

Some years ago there was a Widely published news item telling of the conclusions reached by a former professor at Harvard Medical School. He pointed out that most illnesses are cured without the victims ever knowing they have had them. He cited many instances in which postmortem examinations revealed unmistakable traces of diseases which the subject had conquered without knowing it.

The Healing Stream, Part 1

The Healing Stream, Part 1; waterfall

Excerpted from In the Flow of Life.

“Some people get all the breaks!” How often this cry is heard from the self-pitying or the sympathetic! And it would appear to be true. It has been proved that certain people are “accident prone,” while others are always stumbling onto everything from exciting jobs to interesting vacation spots. The Egyptians have a saying about the person who always “falls in the river and comes up with a fish in his mouth.”

A Child's Healing

A Child's Healing; child with apples

Jesus prayed for children, knowing that they hold a special place in the heart of God. He prayed for them with unshakable faith in God's power to bless and heal them. Jesus knew that God is always present in each child as pure life, health, strength and perfection. He proved again and again that a loving heart and a mind filled with faith can call forth this indwelling spirit of life.

Being an Overcomer

Being an Overcomer

When I began my journey in search of Truth, I was told the purpose of my difficulties was for me to overcome them. They were detours in my spiritual growth. I understood this, and I agreed with it.

A day came in my life when I was faced with a monumental challenge involving my health. I had received a highly unfavorable diagnosis from my doctor. As I began to feel hopeless and call upon God for an answer, I remembered something I had read by a Unity writer. She said when she asked how to overcome anything, the answer she received was to “come up over” it.

Get Rid of Your Crutches

Eric Butterworth was an ordained Unity minister and author of numerous articles and books. The following excerpt is from his book Celebrate Yourself!

Excessive dependency is a common ailment. It may be in the form of leaning on friends, teachers, doctors or ministers. Or it may be a dependency on alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or drugs. We have been misled with the belief that we come into life as empty creatures who must find fulfillment in the world. Unless something happens within us that reveals our relationship to the divine flow, we look for sure harbors, strong arms and all kinds of synthetic means of support.