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Choice Conversations

Do you know anyone who is so firmly fixed on what he or she wants to talk about that you don’t stand a chance to talk about anything else with that person? I know a CEO who is interested only in sales statistics. If you want to talk to him, the conversation must be about spreadsheets, price points, and returns on investments. I know another fellow who is into yoga. If you want to discuss gurus, devotional ceremonies, and meditation techniques, he’s there. If not, there is nothing else to talk about. Another guy is a classic narcissist. All he cares to talk about is himself. If the conversation drifts to you, it will be back on him quickly. That’s his subject.

Life Is Good!

Life is Good!

With involvement in activities, teams, committees, work, family, and other endeavors, scheduling a vacation isn’t always easy. Last summer, however, I was able to take two weeks off for a trip to our family cabin on my favorite beach.

We hadn’t been there for a couple of years, and at first my mind focused on the things that were different. New or remodeled buildings, trees that had grown and needed trimming, the grass that was encroaching upon the gravel parking area all captured my attention. Before long I was able to shift my attention away from the changes—some negative, some positive—to focus on the essence of what I was there for: sun, sand and the sound of waves rolling onto the shore.

Authentic Being and Conscious Doing

Authentic Being and Conscious Doing

If the yin and yang of our energy are our being and doing, then authentic being and conscious doing allow our energies to move in the same direction as Spirit. Are you, through your intentions and desires, moving in the same direction as your Spirit? Or are you caught up in needing life to be a certain way in order to feel okay about yourself? When what we do is rooted in fear or feelings of inadequacy, we are not moving in the direction of Spirit.