The Healing Stream, Part 3

The Healing Stream, Part 3; waterfall

Excerpted from In the Flow of Life.

Some years ago there was a Widely published news item telling of the conclusions reached by a former professor at Harvard Medical School. He pointed out that most illnesses are cured without the victims ever knowing they have had them. He cited many instances in which postmortem examinations revealed unmistakable traces of diseases which the subject had conquered without knowing it.

The Healing Stream, Part 1

The Healing Stream, Part 1; waterfall

Excerpted from In the Flow of Life.

“Some people get all the breaks!” How often this cry is heard from the self-pitying or the sympathetic! And it would appear to be true. It has been proved that certain people are “accident prone,” while others are always stumbling onto everything from exciting jobs to interesting vacation spots. The Egyptians have a saying about the person who always “falls in the river and comes up with a fish in his mouth.”