A Life of Joy

“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.”—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In Unity, we teach that the qualities of the Divine are present within us, and we can call them forward into our lives consciously. The spiritual quality of joy is simply part of our nature as expressions of Spirit, as children of God. It’s in us, now and always. It’s not dependent on the circumstances of our lives.

According to Unity principle, we can experience and express the joy of God even in the most difficult times of our lives.

I find that easier said than done.



We live in a world of light. We are ourselves light. ….

I have only to look … to taste … to feel, I have only to live—to know that the world is a work more wonderful than anything I can imagine it to be, anything I do imagine it to be! The wildest wonderment of all poets, dreamers, inventors, speculators that have ever lived is as nothing compared to the wonderment that is the world. The world is God’s wonderment, infinite intelligence compounding its infinity, the joy of eternity delighting in itself.

… For when I consider humanity, I catch a glimpse of God in whose image we are made.

Listen to life, and you shall hear the voice of life crying: Be!

What shall you be?

The Power of Joy

The Power of Joy

What is joy? In our process of maturing, we often think that joy is the result of happy circumstances. And it may be. I have seen a little rabbit run across the sidewalk and into the grass, and I had a feeling of joy.

We find joy in happy experiences and in our relationships with our loved ones. But joy is a deeper thing than just the result of happy circumstances. If it were only such a result, there would be times, many times, when we could not have joy; and in Truth, joy is always ours.

The Spirit Gives Life

A happy face, an enthusiasm for life, an energy that achieves worthwhile things—all these kindle our admiration when we see others expressing them. As we delight in every evidence of good health that we observe in others, we may even wish that we had the same zest for living.

Changing our thoughts about our bodies can bring us a new consciousness of life and health. By thinking and praying positively, we develop a firm realization of the spiritual quality of life and a better understanding of Jesus’ words, “It is the spirit that gives life” (Jn. 6:63).

A Seven-Second Moment

Chaz Wesley arrived at the hospital on May 1, 2013, with a ruptured appendix, an abdomen full of gangrene, resulting in toxins coursing through his veins. Although his friends and caregivers were told by his doctors that his condition was life-threatening, Wesley had only hours before finished giving the sermon at the funeral of a friend, and was hurriedly editing an already past-due article—ironically, one on health and well-being, which would become the October/November feature story for Daily Word®.

Keeping in Tune

Keeping in Tune

A spirit of harmony pervades the universe. In an address entitled "New Science and New Faith," Donald Hatch Andrews, professor of chemistry at Johns Hopkins University, says, "We are making the startling discovery that, in a word, the basic reality of our universe is not matter but music."

He tells us further that if we could attune our ears to listen to what goes on inside the atom we would "become aware of music like great rolling organ music all about us, intermingling melody and harmony. One atom sings and it is answered by music in all the neighboring atoms. It is in this music that we find the real significance of life and the significance of the universe."

Sing a New Song

Sing a New Song

No matter what has occurred before, this is a new day, a new hour, and a new moment. You can take hold of joy on the wings of prayer and find yourself lifted into lightness, peace, and courage.

You are a child of the living God, meant to express happiness, meant to radiate beauty and serenity as bright and lovely as the rays of the morning sun, meant to embody the music and harmony of the universe. Joy is your gift from God, and it is not dependent on what occurred 10 years ago, a month ago, yesterday, or last night.

Joy belongs to you, whether you know it or not. It is yours now, to discover, to use, to exercise, and to bring into expression.