Kelly Isola

The Hallway of Transformation

The Hallway of Transformation

I love to talk about things being magnificent and sublime. Those times when things are always perfect, and it can’t get any better, life is wonderful! I thoroughly enjoy those moments—sitting with others, basking in the glory of all that is good, true and beautiful. When I do, I can feel my body literally lightening up. Everything around me is glowing. I never want to lose those precious moments of celebration.

The Great Fullness of Life: Part 1

I have often heard the phrase “In all things, we give thanks.” I must confess that sometimes I have silently wondered, “Really? All things?” I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been met by plenty of people and experiences where giving thanks or extending gratitude was not even on my radar screen.

It is on these occasions that I recognize the invitation to return to a thankful heart, and even more than that, a return to the consciousness of gratefulness. So for the next four weeks, my invitation to you is to join me on this journey of gratefulness, or as the title says, “The Great Fullness of Life.”

The Great Fullness of Life: Part 2

The Great Fullness of Life Part 2

The other morning I had a meltdown. By meltdown, I mean I was crying so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. This kind of intense crying isn’t something new; I have experienced it during the most painful times of my life. The difference, though, on this morning was that I was weeping in celebration. I had opened myself so completely to acknowledging the reality of wholeness that the tears overflowed as I was wrapped in the compassionate arms of another.