The Art of Knowing

Have you ever watched a child take its first wobbly, insecure steps? The little legs move forward, hesitantly at first, and the child sometimes tumbles to the floor. But he continues to put forth effort and his steps gradually become more firm and effective.

The quest of the Spirit is also a growing process. It is a training process. It requires steadfast effort and devotion. It requires action on your part. Start now to think of yourself as being everything you know you should be and want to be.

The Truth About Direct Knowing

The Truth About Direct Knowing

Everywhere there is a professed need for guidance: for children, for marriages, for business. Yet if someone publicly suggests that he depends on divine guidance, he may be looked upon with distrust. Often it is seen to be mystical or some kind of magic.

There is an almost instinctive feeling in every person that there is something beyond his personal prejudices, something more than his worries, something that can be reached. However, all too often this something has been dealt with on the level of superstition: the flip of a coin, tarot cards, tea leaves, stars or a crystal ball.