letting go

Letting Go of Concern in the Midst of Change

Letting Go of Concern in the Midst of Change

Affirmation: I let go of any concern and allow good to unfold in my life.

This article is not a recitation about a new door that opened in my life or what a joy it is to recount the tremendous success I found on the other side. This article is being written about the time in between, which is exactly where I am as I write.

Last year, I realized after 12-plus years that it was time for me to move on from my active role as senior minister of my Unity church.

I loved the role, the people, and the community, but I knew it was time to step into the unknown—the field of all possibilities.

In the Silence

Excerpted from a past Unity Magazine® column, "Life Is a Wonder."

There is a place to which you can turn for rest and release from fear and care. It is a holy place. Stillness fills it. The peace of God is in it. There your mind becomes like a little child's, lovely and true and pure. There your thought is stayed on the things that are good and just and merciful. When you enter, the world outside and all your troubles drop away and you rise at last, body stilled, mind stilled, refreshed, and restored.