A New Year To-Do List

A New Year To-Do List

As a new year unfolds, I find myself not only reflecting on the year that just ended but also looking ahead with great expectation. I find myself wondering what will emerge and how will this spiritual journey of being and becoming unfold. Here’s my to-do list for each one of us for the new year so that we might cocreate a world that works for all and see our great expectations transform our world.

·  Recognize that you are a sparkling present from the cosmos and it is time to unwrap yourself and share yourself with the entire world.

·  Sing love songs to your soul. It’s not about carrying a tune; it’s about playing the symphony that is you.

Game On!

In the game of life we depend on guidance. Winning the game of life is using our divine power to create our experience, of happiness, health, wealth, love, or whatever good we desire. 

Life Is Good!

Life is Good!

With involvement in activities, teams, committees, work, family, and other endeavors, scheduling a vacation isn’t always easy. Last summer, however, I was able to take two weeks off for a trip to our family cabin on my favorite beach.

We hadn’t been there for a couple of years, and at first my mind focused on the things that were different. New or remodeled buildings, trees that had grown and needed trimming, the grass that was encroaching upon the gravel parking area all captured my attention. Before long I was able to shift my attention away from the changes—some negative, some positive—to focus on the essence of what I was there for: sun, sand and the sound of waves rolling onto the shore.

Another Dawn

Another Dawn
Faced with the passing of someone we love, our heart cries out in the passion of its loneliness and is not comforted with easy answers.
Our heart tells us that we are meant to live, not to die. We are meant to express life ever more consummately. When someone fails to do this, we wonder why.
To understand the meaning of death, we must understand the meaning of life. Looking at life, we see that all things change. But although all things change, nothing perishes. Things only change.