Honoring Memories

Honoring Memories

Affirmation: We are now and forevermore one in the love of God.

Memories are as unique as we are. They are the cumulative echo of our life experiences. However, it is important to recognize that as an echo, our memories are not the actuality of our lives.

Memory helps make us who we are. If we couldn’t recall the who, what, where, when, and why of our everyday lives, we would not be able to learn new information, form lasting relationships, or even function in most daily situations.

Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor

Affirmation: I am a living, loving expression of God, right here and now.

The story is told of a farmer whose corn each year earned the winning prize at the state fair. One year, a reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew his corn. The farmer told the reporter that he shared his prize-winning seed corn with his neighbors.

When asked why, the farmer explained: “The wind picks up the pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If the neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn.”

I Am Love

Affirmation: My thoughts, words, and actions reveal my loving nature.

Live a Life Full of Love

Love is easy. Easy-going in the way it glides and unfolds in each of us. Love is yours and mine to feel and give, as it is centered in our very nature.

But that belief—love is a universal power—can be obscured by all the attention given to romantic love (think Valentine’s Day) or the oft-complicated love we’ve grown to accept in our relationships with family and friends.

So how about this February—not just one day but all month long—we focus on the power of love.

Unity Pride

Unity Pride

Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore believed that by accepting each other we expand our spiritual consciousness. Today, more than 125 years later, Unity is still dedicated to helping ALL people discover a positive path for spiritual living.

Love: A Basic Human Need

My mom passed away a few years ago. So now, just one more card or letter from her would be the greatest gift I can imagine. Romantic love is, of course, a delightful thing. But I have gained an appreciation for that love that is something more, that deep, abiding love that is all-encompassing.

The Simple Life, Part I

There is much to learn in life, but it is best to learn how to live. When we are young, we have little doubt that life holds great promise. We have things to accomplish, places to visit, and people to love. However, it is the rare young person who puts these compelling issues in perspective. For most of us, the importance of spiritual principles and a relationship with God is a realization that occurs much later in life. By this time, we may be somewhat bruised by our experiences, but we need not be embittered, for we can live the simple life.

You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

You Don’t Have to Walk Alone By Rev. Jesse Herriott, M.A

We are creatures of connection by nature. In fact, research by neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert suggests that our ability to form the right connections could actually lengthen our life span. Our ability to grow and evolve is directly proportionate to the quality of our connections to our inner world, our outer environment, and to other people. In other words, our connections speed up our personal evolutionary process. And whether you know it or not, on a very basic level, there’s a part of you that’s confident in the ability to form the right relationships, at the right time—those necessary for your next stage of evolution.

Love Holds the World Together

Minnie was starved for affection. Throughout the many years she and Homer had been married, he'd never shown her any outward signs that he loved her. One day Minnie couldn't stand it any longer and blurted out, “Homer, why don't you ever tell me you love me?”

Homer replied without a smile: “Minnie, when we were married, I told you I loved you. If I ever change my mind, I'll let you know.”

Homer may have thought that was good enough—that love never needs to be shared. But he was wrong. Love is the greatest power in the world, but it requires continual circulation to stay strong and vital. It was designed to be expressed.

The Simple Life, Part II

The simple life is a life of love. This life of love is complicated when we believe that we do not possess love and must receive it from another person. We ignore the truth that God is love and that we are made in God's image and after God's likeness. Love is our nature, and if we are to experience it, we must allow its imprisoned splendor to escape from within us. This is why Jesus commanded us to love one another. No one discovers love by see king it from others. This only complicates life. Life is simplified when we are more willing to express love than to get love.

Looking Through

Each of us has a great storehouse of treasures, some of which are just beyond human awareness.

We also have the power to bring these treasures into visibility. This power has always been within every person; it came with us from the beginning and no outer condition or situation can take it from us. We cannot do anything to rob our self of this immeasurable gift. However, we do have the choice to use our God-given powers to the fullest or to let them lie dormant.