The Light Will Dawn

Do you feel today that your faith is rock-bottom low? Do you feel that you cannot hold out another minute in steadily believing that good will come through the experience facing you or someone you love? Does it seem that every door is closed, that your path is increasingly difficult? Take heart, dear friend, and know that almost every one of us feels this way at times in our search for guidance, healing, encouragement, new understanding of ourself, our life, and ways to meet each challenge as it arises.

The strength you need will come through. The release you seek at this very moment will break through and flood your being. The answers will become clear. The doors will open. The light will dawn!

Prayer Changes Me

I know not how prayer changes things
That miracles may come to be.
But this I know: Prayer lends me wings,
And by God's grace, prayer changes me!

I know not how a simple task,
Prayer-blessed, shines with divinity,
When in good faith God's help I ask,
But this I know: Prayer changes me.

I am a knocker at the door;
I am a seeker at the gate;
I am an asker, who before
My own dear God has learned to wait.

I know not how prayer changes things;
It is a lovely mystery.
But this I know: Prayer lends me wings,
And day by day, prayer changes me!

The Mystery of Miracles

How do you define a miracle? Is it something tangible such as winning the lottery, surviving a plane crash, or finding the perfect mate? Or are miracles more metaphysical and spiritual in nature; for example, the law of attraction or the ability to create one's own life experience?