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Awakening Joy

Awakening Joy: I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light.

Affirmation: I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light.

Joy Comes from Divine Connection

When we moved from the city to the country, we were delighted by two mother deer and their fawns ambling through our property. During a drought, we provided water and a few carrots.

Word spread through the deer community, and we eventually kept a big bowl of sliced carrots to toss out to an ever-increasing herd. One deer kept coming closer until she looked into my eyes and took a carrot from my hand. Wow! I felt sheer joy in that moment of connection and trust.

The Art of Gratitude

The Art of Gratitude

Affirmation: I am gratefully and wonderfully blessed!

There is an art to gratitude. There is a form, structure, a knack for growing it, developing it, and subsequently owning it as a way of life. But why does it matter? Why grow gratitude? Why spend the time developing it? Aren’t there other fun, uplifting, exciting things to do with one’s time?

The art of gratitude means there is a way to live feeling thankful as a general state of awareness—on good days and not-so-good days, in times when things are going great or in times when things look and feel tough. How? Grow your gratitude and strive to keep it thriving.

Finding Comfort

Finding Comfort in chaos, Finding comfort through prayer and presence

Our souls long to know they are safe, loved, and part of something greater, says Unity minister Elizabeth Longo. And the greatest comfort is found within, closer than our very breath, always guiding and leading us toward our highest good. 

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

Elaine Meyer writes on how embracing change means looking forward to the next part of every journey, holding on in faith, and remembering you are a spiritual being living a human existence, capable of resiliency.

Being Present

Being Present, Enlightenment, Inner Freedom, Unity

In your search for enlightenment, or “being present,” have you fallen off the path? Are you disenchanted? Rev. Paul John Roach encourages you to hold on, asking, do you want radical freedom or a more comfortable and self-satisfied imprisonment?

Claiming Truth

Understanding Kenosis, kenosis self-emptying, claiming truth, Unity practices and principles

Rev. Carolyne Maithlin used to think of growth as a process of adding new teachings and systems to her spiritual knowledge. But she also realized the importance of letting things go; she discovered kenosis, the practice of emptying oneself.

Being Enough

Being enough starts with acts of everyday love, One Humanity Many Stories

Meet Mrs. M, a tiny woman who loved large, demonstrating the act of “being enough” every day, giving where and how she could to everyone around her. Unity minister Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett affirms we can do the same.

Creating Community

to effectively create community, we must understand the meaning and creative force of oneness; One Humanity Many Stories

Oneness, says Rev. Kelly Isola, is expressed in myriad ways. To create community, we have to understand each other. What does oneness really look like—not as a theory, but really lived, down and dirty, in the reality of everyday life where there seems to be divisiveness or differences around every corner?