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Ministry Brings Food, Faith to the Needy

Rev. Barbara Huffman has gone hungry. She knows the feeling all too well.   

While in her mid-20s she separated from her husband. Although she had a job as an office manager for a downtown Atlanta firm, the financial struggles of raising her 10-month-old baby alone became overwhelming. Barbara could not afford to feed herself for almost three months.

Somewhere between the cost of day care, diapers, and baby food, an ashamed and embarrassed Barbara lost 15 pounds in two months. Perhaps worse was the loss of her dignity and self-pride. When Barbara’s friends and family began to compliment her on her “diet,” she would simply say “thank you,” never “I’m hungry.”


The sole purpose for our existence is simply to be happy. And we will never know true joy until we freely share our gifts, our time, and ourselves.

Jesus discovered this powerful secret. He knew that his very reason for being was to share himself and his wisdom with those around him. Doing so was as natural for him as breathing because he understood that all fulfillment comes from giving oneself.