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A Seven-Second Moment

Chaz Wesley arrived at the hospital on May 1, 2013, with a ruptured appendix, an abdomen full of gangrene, resulting in toxins coursing through his veins. Although his friends and caregivers were told by his doctors that his condition was life-threatening, Wesley had only hours before finished giving the sermon at the funeral of a friend, and was hurriedly editing an already past-due article—ironically, one on health and well-being, which would become the October/November feature story for Daily Word®.

The Best Is Yet to Be

The Best Is Yet to Be

A young man applying for a job was asked by the personnel director, "How old are you?" He replied, "Twenty-seven." He was then asked by the director, "And what do you expect to be in three years?" With all seriousness of thought he said, "Thirty."

Some people are Iike this young man, without any expectations. They drift along in life not knowing where they are going or whether it is possible to have any personal determination over their lives. Some even think that after a certain age life is a downhill journey. They think that the early years held the great opportunities of life and, since they did not take advantage of them, it is now too late. They believe the best things in life come early if they come at all.