Our Spiritual Senses, Part 2—Touch

In the previous article I talked about the spiritual sense of smell, as akin to our physical sense of smell (an attraction to something). The spiritual sense of smell is a symbol, a metaphor for  attraction to being attentive to Spirit hidden all around us, as well as within us. This week, the focus is on touch, which is a symbol for our closeness to the divine, the feeling of being embraced and belonging.

How to Succeed Every Time

Nothing is too good for you as a child of God! When you realize this completely, you will be ready to claim all your heart's desires. …

The Bible is full of success stories. Many people became leaders of multitudes and achieved great wealth and power. Others found healing and answers to their problems. Still others learned to make that all-important contact with the “still small voice” within and were thus able to accomplish whatever was required of them as God's channels.

The Yoga of Being

To connect with spirit is to unite with our inner core of being. Yoga—with its emphasis on the breath and meditation—unites body, mind, and spirit. The mat becomes the focal point of oneness.

“Yoga is spiritual because it’s personal,” said Anita Bailey. “In its quiet moments there is a connection to something greater—whether it’s called grace, Spirit, God, or the Divine. It is up to each individual as to how deeply she or he is willing to connect to that presence.”

Yoga literally means “union.”

The Simple Life, Part II

The simple life is a life of love. This life of love is complicated when we believe that we do not possess love and must receive it from another person. We ignore the truth that God is love and that we are made in God's image and after God's likeness. Love is our nature, and if we are to experience it, we must allow its imprisoned splendor to escape from within us. This is why Jesus commanded us to love one another. No one discovers love by see king it from others. This only complicates life. Life is simplified when we are more willing to express love than to get love.

More Than We Settle For

Life is more than we settle for. There is a higher reality. There is a power beyond what we ordinarily believe to be our own, beyond what we ordinarily believe to be operating.

This power is accessible. At times we all touch it—or let it touch us.

To Dance With the Question Why?

It started long ago, when our species first achieved consciousness. A distant kinsman awakened—I am. This uneducated forerunner of the human species must have grasped what René Descartes came to realize: "Cogito, ergo sum; I think, therefore I am."

With self-consciousness came a question. I am, but what am I? Each culture has answered this question through its myths, oral traditions, and eventually through its sacred literature. Simply stated, we named ourselves. We are human beings, we are spiritual beings, we are children of the sun, people of the High Place, and so on.

Compassion: Why It Matters in Healing

The most profound healing event I personally remember occurred as I was recovering from anesthesia following an appendectomy. The surgery was a rushed-up affair in the Student Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin, when I was a senior student preparing to enter medical school. I never met the surgeon beforehand; he thought it unnecessary. Neither did I meet the anesthesiologist in advance; he was too busy.

Heaven Can Be So Cold

Heaven Can Be So Cold

“Heaven’s where you live it,
So the prophets say.
Heaven is within you.
Find that place today.”

   —Barbara Louise Clark


“Come here, Mama,” my daughter, Danielle, called to me excitedly as she stared outside the window. “Now!” Hearing her urgency, but wanting to finish my breakfast, I reluctantly hurried to look outdoors. Twenty-plus inches of snow on the ground, and being trapped in the house like an icy prison for days had made me grouchy. I did not want to move.

“Look; you see it?” I saw nothing, only whiteness amid a snow-capped landscape. “The tree,” she pointed as I peered closer.