Spiritual Equality

Spiritual Equality

How I long for the day when we will collectively stop clinging fearfully to old, outdated interpretations of Bible scripture based on concepts of an angry, demanding and punishing God and embrace instead the infinitely loving, intimately expressing Presence and Power that Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated some 2,000 years ago.

No one quotes the Bible anymore to justify the institution of slavery—although they did so in the not-so-distant past. No one quotes the Bible to justify treating women as property intended by God to be submissive to men in all things—although they did so in the even more-recent past.

Open Up to God!

Health, strength, peace, well-being in your mind, body and emotions, better conditions in your home, success in your personal life and affairs, awareness and expression of your potential and abilities, better relationships with others—all this and infinitely more is yours when you open up to God.

Wonderful and even miraculous things begin happening to you as you open up to God, as you accept the Truth that God's power is present, available and real. God is ready to refresh, revitalize and revive you in every phase of being. God is saying to you: I have chosen thee … Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; I will help thee (Isa. 41:9, 10 A.V.).

The Mystery of Miracles

How do you define a miracle? Is it something tangible such as winning the lottery, surviving a plane crash, or finding the perfect mate? Or are miracles more metaphysical and spiritual in nature; for example, the law of attraction or the ability to create one's own life experience?

Love: The Heart of Wholeness

Love: The Heart of Wholeness

Love is the heart of wholeness. … Love is the power that integrates, balances and actualizes the soul. Hatred wounds and separates us. Love heals and unites. Loving oneself and others is an essential part of becoming whole. And love is the natural expression of wholeness itself.

Love and Healing
Love and healing are interwoven. Genuine love heals all human relationships. To heal a broken relationship is to replace hostility and mistrust with love and trust. Love brings wholeness to our relationships.