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Awakening Joy

Awakening Joy: I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light.

Affirmation: I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light.

Joy Comes from Divine Connection

When we moved from the city to the country, we were delighted by two mother deer and their fawns ambling through our property. During a drought, we provided water and a few carrots.

Word spread through the deer community, and we eventually kept a big bowl of sliced carrots to toss out to an ever-increasing herd. One deer kept coming closer until she looked into my eyes and took a carrot from my hand. Wow! I felt sheer joy in that moment of connection and trust.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

Elaine Meyer writes on how embracing change means looking forward to the next part of every journey, holding on in faith, and remembering you are a spiritual being living a human existence, capable of resiliency.

Being Present

Being Present, Enlightenment, Inner Freedom, Unity

In your search for enlightenment, or “being present,” have you fallen off the path? Are you disenchanted? Rev. Paul John Roach encourages you to hold on, asking, do you want radical freedom or a more comfortable and self-satisfied imprisonment?

Five Ways the Universe Supports Your Dream Job

land your dream job

If it were easy to leave bad jobs, everyone would do it.

It is much simpler to define, aim, and land a dream job using the power of the soul.

Finding one’s dream job can seem impossible in the physical world of cause and effect.

You see, not being happy at work seems like a simple problem. However, it is best solved using the soul’s energy as a guide and as fuel.

Your best intelligence is in the power and energy of the soul, not in logic. We must use both the practical world and the energetic or spiritual world.