Holding on to Faith

Holding on to Faith

I don’t remember my grandmother, but her death has cast a shadow over my adult life for as long as I can recall. At age 43, Odessa Abner, my paternal grandmother, was diagnosed with breast cancer. A year later, on January 17, 1974, she passed away with my father at her side.

I was 3 years old.

Rites of Passage

One of my hobbies is canoeing. When canoeing, I sometimes encounter the phenomenon known as "white water." The water is white because it is running very swiftly, usually over submerged rocks. White water, to most canoeists, is both “good news and bad news.” The bad news is that it is rather easy to capsize the canoe when in white water. And, if dumped in white water, one is more likely to be injured or even to drown. Also there is possible damage to the canoe and loss of contents. (Perhaps worst of all is the pain of embarrassment if seen by other canoeists!) So the least desirable place to dump the canoe is in white water, yet this is the very time when that is most likely to happen.