Treasures of the Archives

Unity Inn in the 1920s, Unity Dietary Guidelines, and Unity Inn Cookbook, 1923

Early on Charles Fillmore did not understand the importance of diet in his life. However, as he prayed for guidance on the matter he was shown that the food that entered the human body passes through a refining process he called “regeneration.” This was a prerequisite for the building of the human body into a new, spiritual Christ body. He determined that vibrations quickened the cellular structure of the subconscious mind in specific nerve centers and that the food consumption directly impacted regeneration. He concluded that conscious growth in spiritual life must overcome carnal appetite through careful discrimination in food selection and preparation.

“Dedication and Covenant”—Founding Document of Unity Personal Commitment

On December 7, 1892, Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore expressed into written words their personal commitment to the Spirit of Truth and through it, to the Society of Silent Unity. Up until that time, the Fillmores had been organizing a prayer group known as Silent Unity®. They also operated Unity Book Company, which distributed the metaphysical publications, Modern Thought and Unity magazines. The document was less about promotion of their ministry, and more about the sincere expression of their desire to discern insights from the Conscious Mind of Christ Jesus. Charles Fillmore recalled the document almost in passing in a June 1911 Unity article (vol. 34, No. 6).