Trust Your Life

Forgive a Little: People You Know, People You Don't

Forgive a Little: People You Know, People You Don't

Why do you need forgiveness to reach your Dream? When you're not forgiving, you're angry and tight. You're holding onto old hurts and hugging your rightness around you like a parka against the stinging winds of change. Your arms are crossed and your mind is crossing out possibilities.

If you think about it, what we can't forgive is really who we can't forgive: nonrelatives, our parents, our partners, and ourselves. We're going to look at each of these in turn-and do something about them.

Why? Because they're impeding your progress toward your Dream.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

You may be tempted to abandon some of your dreams when you reach a certain age. True, age may be a barrier to specific goals, such as winning at Wimbledon. But your age does not have to prevent or limit you from experiencing the glories of tennis, if that’s your passion.

Let’s take an example. If you dream of being a ballet dancer, you probably should have started training at age 5 1/2. Now, at 42—paunchy, saggy, tired and stiff—you can stand on your toes only to reach the supersize box of salsa chips. So what can you do today to follow your dream? Here are four suggestions:

1. First ask yourself this: Do I still really want to involve myself with ballet? Or is it a residual “should” from old voices?