Compassion: Why It Matters in Healing

The most profound healing event I personally remember occurred as I was recovering from anesthesia following an appendectomy. The surgery was a rushed-up affair in the Student Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin, when I was a senior student preparing to enter medical school. I never met the surgeon beforehand; he thought it unnecessary. Neither did I meet the anesthesiologist in advance; he was too busy.

What Is Faith?

What Is Faith?

Faith, like wholeness itself, is a divine idea. A divine idea exists beyond the domain of time and space. We cannot describe it, define it or conceptualize it. A divine idea has infinite possibilities for expressing itself within the realm of time and space. As with any divine idea, we can know faith only through direct experience. It is like the wind; we can see its effect but we cannot see the thing itself.

Faith can be expressed as a so-called miracle, and faith can be expressed in the quiet workings of nature. Its true character is a mystery. Its manifestations may be mysterious or commonplace. Faith is the power to see a possibility, and it is the power to realize that possibility.

The Power in Forgiveness

I had visualized this happening time after time for years: I was behind the wheel of my car, stopped at an intersection. Then the very person who had ruined my life walked in front of my car. With a terror-stricken face, he turned to look at me, just as I hurled the car forward at full throttle.

Now—right before my eyes—my revenge fantasy was about to come true. Or was it? Something had happened that kept me from wanting revenge: I had forgiven him.