Five Ways the Universe Supports Your Dream Job

land your dream job

If it were easy to leave bad jobs, everyone would do it.

It is much simpler to define, aim, and land a dream job using the power of the soul.

Finding one’s dream job can seem impossible in the physical world of cause and effect.

You see, not being happy at work seems like a simple problem. However, it is best solved using the soul’s energy as a guide and as fuel.

Your best intelligence is in the power and energy of the soul, not in logic. We must use both the practical world and the energetic or spiritual world.

With a Hammer and a Hoe

The following article is adapted from the 1988 edition of Prayer: The Master Key by James Dillet Freeman.

Three men were fishing in a small boat on a lake when a storm arose. The winds rocked the boat, the waves washed over the sides, and the boat began to take on water.

“We had better pray,” cried the first man.

“We had better bail,” cried the second man.

“Let us pray,” said the third man, “but let us bail while we pray.”

There is a prayer that is action.

Too often we think we cannot pray unless we are sitting still, eyes closed, body relaxed, thought suspended.

Spirituality and Stress

Spirituality and Stress

A spiritual approach to living does not make you immune to stress. However, choosing to practice spiritual awareness can shorten the time in which you experience seeming moments of pressure or tension.  As author Thomas Moore powerfully reminds us, “It is by submerging yourself into the experiences of life, work, marriage and family that you truly engage in spiritual practice.”

The key word is practice. Spiritual practice is a repetitive, habitual expression you consciously engage in every day. Furthermore, there isn’t a right or wrong way of “practicing”; your soul will guide you into experiences that are in alignment with your need to grow and evolve.

Work and the Success Syndrome (Part 2)

Work and the Success Syndrome (Part 2)

A distinguished professor at Harvard University once said, "The University pays me for doing what I would gladly do for nothing, if I could afford it." Most persons might laugh at his naivete. However, what he is saying is that his work is not just a place to tediously make a living but an opportunity to joyously live his making. In other words, he is looking at his teaching work in terms of the privilege it gives him to grow as a person. And growth is what life is all about ... not just paychecks and fringe benefits, but growth. It is probably true that the best living is "made" by those workers whose chief motivation is to give themselves away. …

Refreshing is the holism of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Work and the Success Syndrome (Part 1)

Work and the Success Syndrome (Part 1)

When Jesus says, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (Jn. 8:32 KJV), He implies that our bondage in life is caused by our acceptance of erroneous beliefs. A Greek philosopher, Zeno, says, "The most important part of learning is to unlearn our errors." In the study of spiritual economics, nothing is more basic or more rife with mistaken beliefs than our attitudes toward work.

Why do you work? You may smile at the question, for it seems perfectly obvious that everyone works to make a living. However, if this is the only reason you can come up with, then it is one of the errors that needs to be unlearned. It is an attitude that may well be frustrating your creative flow.