World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer: From Homework Assignment to Sacred Event

It started as a class assignment, for ministerial students at Unity School for Religious Studies (now Unity Institute® and Seminary) in 1993. Rev. Lynne Brown, vice president of Silent Unity and Development, was a member of that class and doesn’t remember the exact assignment, but fellow student John Knight suggested having a day of prayer. And the seed was planted.

Global Visionaries: Maxine Martin Shines Her Light in Jamaica

“I am victorious!”

Unity minister Maxine Martin always answers the phone in the same cheery manner. A simple “hello” will not suffice. Her words are a bold statement of her virtues. Her joyful countenance speaks volumes, even as she pauses between thoughts.

Maxine is in love with life, God and Unity. This love, coupled with support from her family, has sustained her since childhood. “Growing up, I remember reading Wee Wisdom® and Daily Word®. The booklets were given to me quite often as a child. I always thought the covers were so beautiful,” Maxine recalled.