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Claiming Truth

Understanding Kenosis, kenosis self-emptying, claiming truth, Unity practices and principles

Rev. Carolyne Maithlin used to think of growth as a process of adding new teachings and systems to her spiritual knowledge. But she also realized the importance of letting things go; she discovered kenosis, the practice of emptying oneself.

Lenten Consecration

Lenten Consecration by Clara May Rowland

Throughout the church world during the season of Lent people strive to become better Christians. Therefore we should not look upon it as a forbidding or a sad season of fasting and prayer but as a spiritual experience that means much to all of us if we enter into its observance in the right spirit.

Primarily the purpose of Lent is to prepare us mentally, physically, and spiritually for a new awakening; to resurrect us out of old states of consciousness into a new realization of life; and to permit us to reconsecrate and rededicate ourselves to the will and the work of Jesus Christ. Through our spiritual awakening we shall find renewed life and health, a joyous freedom from burdens, and best of all, peace of mind.