Julie Ryan has always gone where she’s been led. While that has not always made for a predictable path, she has no complaints—but many successes. “Every time I was interested in something, I just went with it,” she says, explaining how over the years she’s founded nine different companies across five different industries.

A psychic, inventor, medical intuitive, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Ryan has found many diverse ways to explore how we can heal ourselves and help our lives evolve. She offers the Angelic Attendant Training program, which teaches students how to communicate with Spirit, do energy healings themselves, access past lives, and tell how close to death someone is. She also holds hour-long private sessions with clients and chats with listeners from around the globe during her live syndicated radio show (with episodes curated as podcasts).

Above all, her message is one of healing. And that’s resonating with a worldwide audience through her podcast Ask Julie Ryan, her several books (including some for children), and her veritable buffet of psychic services— which cover energy healing, communicating with deceased loved ones (and even connecting with the higher selves of those still alive), among others.

Learning to Heal Ourselves

Promoting healing can take many different forms, as Ryan well knows. As an inventor, she has created important medical devices for orthopedic surgeries. And as a medical intuitive, she helps people use energy to support their own healing. Though she didn’t initially see herself as having psychic abilities, Ryan certainly had moments of unexplained intuition while growing up. After reading Barbara Ann Brennan’s 1987 classic book Hands of Light, Ryan committed to six years of study to learn everything she could about energy. “It’s not a gift,” she insists, “but an ability everyone can develop.”

By then, she was ready to sell her surgical device business and lean all the way into what she jokingly refers to as her “woo woo” side. As a medical intuitive, Ryan says she is like a “human MRI.” She is able to scan the energy fields of people and animals alike, seeing tumors, cancers, infections, and other medical conditions in her mind’s eye. These remote scans and subsequent energy healings can help clients understand what is going on with their health, identify potential treatments, and facilitate healing.

“It’s a privilege working with and through Spirit in this way,” Ryan says.

Traditional medicine can be life-saving, but it has limits. Patients frustrated with doctors who focus on treating symptoms rather than digging deeper to discover the underlying cause are increasingly turning to holistic and complementary medicine, including energy healing. Many are looking for guidance in learning how to use energy to heal themselves.

“Nobody heals anybody else,” Ryan says. “No doctor, no surgeon, no healer heals others—we all heal ourselves.” When someone has a surgery, the surgical team uses sutures or staples to close those incisions, but it is our own bodies that grow our skin back and do the work of actual healing. Energy medicine isn’t meant as a replacement for but instead as a complement to more traditional practices. Ryan is there to help people learn how to heal themselves, insisting that “there is not one thing that can’t be significantly healed on some level.”

Still, what surprises her the most is getting to experience new things every day. “Every time I think I’ve seen it all,” she says, “something new and remarkable will come in.” She describes one client who had her spleen removed after a car accident as a teenager. Ryan harnessed the power of visualization and energetically used stem cell energy to fill a mold or imprint of the organ, which facilitated the growth of a new one. When the woman needed a CT scan six months later, the doctors were stunned to see a spleen right there. They compared her old scans with the new ones and sure enough, the spleen had been removed and had later grown back.

Energy medicine isn’t meant as a replacement for but instead as a complement to more traditional practices.

Communicating with Spirit

Understanding the power of energy is not only an important tool for healing our bodies, but it’s also essential for communicating with Spirit and learning how to make peace with our mortality. “We’ve all heard that we’re spirits attached to bodies or Spirit having a human experience,” Ryan says. “Spirit vibrates at a higher frequency simply because we humans have physical mass, which vibrates more slowly.” Raising our vibration takes only about a nanosecond, once you understand how to tune in to higher energies—just like you might tune a radio. When we raise our vibrational level to meet a higher energy, we’re on the same channel.

Ryan insists that we may think of communicating with Spirit as something that requires a medium or other intermediary, but each of us already has what we need within—including access to guidance that many experience as spirit guides and guardian angels.

Ryan herself has found an unexpected spirit guide in Pope Clement VI (head of the Catholic Church from 1342 to 1352, during the period when the Black Death plague killed as much as two-thirds of Europe’s population). Clement’s spirit has brought messages to Ryan about the bastardization of death and dying we have witnessed in the modern era—encouraging her to teach people about death in a way that better honors this essential part of our life cycle.

“Although I initially resisted,” she writes in her 2017 self-published book Angelic Attendants, “after years of seeing how this information could completely transform someone’s experience of watching a loved one die, I found the courage to accept the task and began the journey of educating the world about what happens as we transition from this life into the next.” She discovered that every person goes through 12 phases of transition as they are dying, including their spirit leaving the body, their angels and loved ones on the other side arriving to escort them to heaven, and their spirit making its “grand exit.”

Ryan explores these 12 phases, which can help us make sense of what happens when we die, further in her book and in an online course she teaches that covers many topics. Understanding this end-of-life process can help us find comfort and peace around the idea of death, rather than getting caught up in the fear, anxiety, or open-ended sense of its mystery. “There is a glorious component to what is otherwise a heart-wrenching experience,” she says.

Ryan is passionate and enthusiastic about helping people better their lives, reiterating that we can all heal ourselves. This is how she is able to offer guidance for so many of life’s seasons, milestones, and challenges, including those we aren’t always willing to talk openly or candidly about. It is a privilege, she says—and a humbling one—to meet people in some of their most vulnerable moments, adding that “getting to be even a teeny-weeny part of their lives is an honor.”

Julie Ryan is a medical intuitive, radio show host, author, inventor, and entrepreneur. Visit askjulieryan.com for more information about her services and events or to buy her books, and tune in to Ask Julie Ryan live on WCGO Radio in Chicago or wherever you listen to podcasts.

This article appeared in Unity Magazine®.

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