I have resisted change with all my will,
Cried out to life, “Pass by and leave me still.”

But I have found as I have trudged time's track
That all my wishing will not hold life back.

All finite things must go their finite way;
I cannot bid the merest moment, “Stay.”

So finding that I have no power to change
Change, I have changed myself. And this is strange,

But I have found out when I let change come,
The very change that I was fleeing from

Has often held the good I had prayed for,
And I was not the less for change, but more.

Once I accepted life and was not loath
To change, I found change was the seed of growth.

This poem is included in the Unity book Angels Sing in Me.

About the Author

Rev. James Dillet Freeman (1912–2003) was an internationally acclaimed poet, author, and lecturer. Unity created a retrospective of his writings in a booklet titled I Am God’s Song. He wrote The Story of Unity, and many of his poems and writings were collected in the 2004 book Angels Sing in Me.


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