I Am Creative

Affirmation: Creativity is my natural state of being; I am immersed in endless possibilities.

During World War I, a brilliant Austrian piano virtuoso was wounded and his right arm amputated. His musical career seemed to be at an end.

Yet his creative spirit persevered, and Paul Wittgenstein spent many waking hours and resources devising new techniques that allowed him to play chords once thought impossible for a one-handed pianist. His call to find a greater way to express his creativity continues to bless and inspire pianists to this day.

As an artist in residence on an oncology floor, Colleen Darby helped patients find a creative outlet. One day, she exchanged an innocent pleasantry with a patient, stating that it was a beautiful day outside. The patient replied, “It always looks the same from here.”

That exchange sparked Darby’s creativity with the realization that “every patient deserves a room with a view.” She went on to create LandEscapes—painting with a purpose to take otherwise cold and sterile hospital environments and create large, beautiful collages that combine natural images and words.

These are just two examples of people answering the call of Spirit to find an outlet for unhampered and unlimited creativity.

Creativity can be more than just music or art. It can also be about ingenuity in solving problems and inventive ways to help humanity. There are cures waiting to be discovered for all kinds of conditions. The spiritual, physical, and intellectual expressions of who we are has the potential to motivate and inspire others.

Seek and You Will Find

Creativity is our impetus to a journey of discovery, and it is our nature to seek out and fulfill that desire to express and be more.

When we are seeking creative outlets, the Universe responds. As Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla write: “As our awareness of the presence of God expands, prayer becomes the experience of being part of God, of centering ourselves directly in the creative flow of the universe, of perceiving things not with human eyes or human ears or human minds but from the divinity within us.”

To tap in to your innate creativity, ask yourself: What brings me joy? Contentment? Fun?

The soul seeks the experience of raising itself to a spiritual level, where it can think and feel from its innate divinity.

Daily Practice

In the beginning of any creative process, there is a void. Moving from vague thoughts to focused ideas can seem challenging and leave us asking ourselves how to move past nothingness to an abundance of ideas.

"Creativity can become a habit," says creativity researcher Jonathan Plucker, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Indiana University. "Making it one helps you become more productive."

According to a study made by Creativity Research Journal, there are four areas of focus that enhance creativity: Capture your new ideas, seek out challenging tasks, broaden your knowledge, and surround yourself with interesting things and people.

When combined with spiritual practices, we awaken a greater consciousness of our divine power that provides an outlet for expression.

  1. Imagine the possibilities.
    In other words, “To set it right, see it right” by calling upon the power of imagination. Begin by affirming: Creativity is my natural state of being; I am immersed in endless possibilities.
  2. Step forward in faith.
    When we trust the energy within, we find strength to take action toward our goals.
  3. Recognize the Divine.
    Anything we wish to achieve, we can accomplish, because the energy of God is working through us.

Cultivating our creative process takes consistent and concentrated focus, and the rewards are unlimited. With each idea we act upon that comes into fruition, we become an expression of creative energy. There is no end to divine mind and the creativity we can express.

About the Author

Elaine Meyer worked at Unity World Headquarters for more than 30 years, and spent her last time at Unity as editor of Daily Word magazine. 


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