Sometimes we just need gentle guidance and daily reminders about how to invite more vibrancy in to our bodies and lives. Here, at a glance, are 11 key suggestions that will make a mighty difference when you incorporate them into your life. See which ones you can embrace today.

1. Take time to nourish your body and soul with a balanced diet of wholesome natural foods. Choose from a wide variety of colorful foods as close to the way nature made them as possible. Vary your diet daily and strive for at least 50 percent fresh, raw foods. Living foods increase energy, restore youthful vitality and promote radiant health.

2. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. A lack of moisture in skin creates wrinkles the way lack of moisture in grapes creates raisins. Drinking ample water is necessary to lubricate your joints, feed your cells and keep your skin—that constantly loses moisture to the environment—clear, soft and youthful. Pure water fosters vitality.

3. Eat only as much as needed and not much after nightfall (two to three hours before sleep). Grazing on small meals more frequently throughout the day—every three to four hours—stokes metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar and helps reduce cholesterol and unhealthy habits of overeating. It's important to plan your meals so you won't feel famished.

4. Exercise regularly. Find a balance of strengthening, stretching and aerobic activities. Make your program a top priority in your life—a nonnegotiable activity, and then stay committed to it! There is nothing that will benefit you more in terms of being happy, disease-free, vibrantly youthful, and energetic than a regular fitness program. Whenever possible, exercise outside in a natural, beautiful environment.

5. Sleep well. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep nightly. Consistent lack of sleep leads to many health problems, including wrinkles, depression, weight gain and aging, low or no libido, toxic buildup, irritability and impatience, memory loss, lethargy, relationship problems and accidents. Refrain from watching bedtime TV news. Make your bedroom an exquisite, peaceful sanctuary. Put three drops of lavender oil on your nighttime pillow.

6. Simplify your life. By doing so, you will increase your joy and zest for living. Simplification is a powerful process. Simplifying doesn't necessarily mean restricting activities, but it does mean “uncluttering” your life. Put all your energy into activities you really care about and enjoy. Activities, material things and relationships are all time and energy consumers. Take inventory. … Being simple with life—not naïve, but clear—allows you to experience the present fully and deeply.

7. Live in the present. Don't spend time comparing the present with the past. Every new step you take is upon sacred ground. Every moment is imbued with wonder and miracles. When you're trapped in the past, it's impossible to be fully present and pay attention to what's happening around you. Rather than living with continual five- or 10-year plans, concentrate on living one day at a time. Be out in nature as much as possible to help feed your soul. … Look for miracles each day.

8. Encourage the child in you to come out and play. So many of us are searching for the “fountain of youth,” the secret that will enable us to live long and healthy lives. Although special diets, supplements and exercise are important and have their place in rejuvenating body, mind and spirit, it is my belief that the real secret to living a quality life, full of vitality and aliveness, comes from … our attitudes, thoughts and how we view ourselves and the world around us. … Moment by moment, choose to be aware of everything around you. Pay attention. Participate in life fully. Maintain a childlike enthusiasm for everyday chores. …

9. Communicate thoughts and feelings clearly with co-workers, friends and loved ones. Remember that we all desire the same thing—respect, kindness, appreciation, validation and love. Keep the Golden Rule as your default position in life and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Silently bless everyone in your life each day.

10. Lift your attitude UP. See the best in everyone and everything. If you are facing a challenge, handle it with vigor and poise and, at the same time, find opportunities to laugh and smile often. Both of these healthful activities firm your facial muscles and reduce stress. Laughter is life's elixir and our soul's smile. Cultivate a joyful attitude of gratitude. … One of my favorite ways to maintain an upbeat attitude is by reading Daily Word® each day. It's been a sacred practice of mine for over 40 years.

11. Love yourself and live peacefully. What better evidence of spiritual strength could we have than a peaceful mind and a loving heart? … Create an empowered presence and invite joy, love and peace into your life. Dream abundantly! Say YES to living your highest vision. Know that you deserve the very best—life's richest blessings. Celebrate yourself and life.

About the Author

For more than 30 years, Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D., has been one of the world's most recognizable names and faces in the fields of holistic health, anti-aging, human potential, and balanced living. She taught health and fitness at UCLA for 30 years, travels worldwide as a motivational speaker, and is the author of over 25 books, including her new “healthy lifestyle” series of books: The Curative Kitchen & Lifestyle, Living on the Lighter Side and Healthy, Happy & Radiant … at Any Age, as well as her other celebrated books Recipes for Health BlissThe Joy Factor, and Walking on Air. To order her books or to learn more about her work, visit


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