A provocative question has arisen about the law of attraction and the idea that our thoughts and feelings create our experience: If we believe that we create our own reality, where is God?

How presumptuous, some might say, to imply that we are in charge! Isn't that just running rampant with our egos, thinking we can control everything, when in fact we should be seeking God's will? Who are we to see ourselves as creators of our own experience? Shouldn't we turn to God for guidance rather than ourselves?

I struggled with these questions years ago, and I still hear them frequently from people just learning about the law of attraction. One man said that trying to understand that he attracts everything into his own life has been a “God-shattering experience.”

I remember that feeling. When I first heard the idea that I was a cocreator with God, it sounded grandiose and blasphemous. I was being encouraged to relocate God as being within me instead of out there watching and tending to my needs. But that made me feel I was praying to myself, which seemed wrong! And when ministers and teachers told me I had all the answers within, I felt bereft. Obviously, I thought, if I had the answers, I would be using them.

It took years of self-reflection and spiritual study to learn that I was laboring under a mistaken impression of who I truly am—my true Self.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

I am an expression of God on earth. I am divine at my essence, my core, and I am never separate from God. As Jesus said, the Father and I are one.

That means I have access to infinite divine wisdom, guidance, love, and strength, like a desktop computer tapped into the Internet. I have a higher self or inner being—my God-connection—that knows exactly what I need and draws it to me. I simply set an intention, and the universe rushes to support me.

Practicing the law of attraction means consciously and deliberately using our thoughts and feelings to bring more abundance into our lives. It may be love, health, strength, prosperity or anything else, but it all comes from God. It all originates in invisible substance and is brought into form through our thinking. It already has been provided for us as part of Creation.

We are made in God's image, and God is nothing if not creative, so we are creators too. What an amazing aspect of Creation that we can draw anything into our lives with our thinking! What we hold in our hearts and minds appears in our reality. I have come to believe that we are never more spiritual, never more in touch with God, than when we are co-creating our lives with the Divine. It is exactly what we came to earth to do.