Working through the loss of my husband and both parents in a short period of time was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.

It was a tough school, but it taught me so much. Certainly, I would never have chosen that path to learn what I did, and yet, looking back, I can see what those losses had to teach me: Everything comes bearing a gift, and that gift is what you learn from whatever you are working through.

It was not meant that we should bask forever on the beach of life. We are meant to grow.

Working through change is one of the ways we do that. So what can we do to help us move through challenging times? There are three not so little words that have been a great help to me. I hope they will help you too.

The first word is faith.

Difficult as it can be to believe, everything is exactly the way it should be. That may be hard to accept when you are facing a challenge, yet that challenge is simply life’s way of telling you there is something you are ready to learn. It is time for you to grow.

So even when you don’t like what is happening, even though you wish it weren’t happening, there is great comfort in knowing you are in a growing season.

That approach makes it easier to be open to what the situation can teach you. Being open and willing to learn makes it easier to go with the flow when the going gets tough.

One of the things you can do when you are facing difficulties is simply to ask, What is this trying to teach me? What can I learn from this?

Then, instead of resisting the problem, you can begin to work with it. It’s a lot like mining for gold. You know the gold is there, but you won’t find it until you start to look for it.

That’s why the second word is trust.

Trust in the end result. Know that your good—your growth—not only is waiting for you, it is ordained.

If it weren’t, the opportunity wouldn’t be there. This attitude is especially helpful when working through really difficult situations. It doesn’t take the problem away, but it helps immensely when we can put our trust in the hand that is leading us—and teaching us—every step of the way. You see, there really is meaning and purpose behind whatever is happening in your life.

Gratitude is next

This attitude just naturally leads to gratitude for all of the above because now you know there is a wisdom behind whatever is happening. That wisdom is founded on a love that never leaves you, that is always aware of your every need, and is supporting you in ways you can’t possibly begin to imagine.

All things can be used for some good purpose. Yes, all things. Nothing is ever wasted. The greater the challenge, the greater the gift.

Acceptance of “what is” will always be a choice. Whenever tough moments come along, ask yourself what the situation can teach you.

Then work with these three not so little words: faith, trust, and gratitude. Allow them to remove whatever resistance you may be feeling so you can be open to where life is ready to take you.

Great strength and courage can come from knowing that you are working toward a purpose that is always supporting your highest good.

This article appeared in Daily Word® magazine.

About the Author

Donna Miesbach is author of From Grief to Joy: A Journey Back to Life and Living and a certified meditation and yoga instructor. For more, visit


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