If it were easy to leave bad jobs, everyone would do it.

It is much simpler to define, aim, and land a dream job using the power of the soul.

Finding one’s dream job can seem impossible in the physical world of cause and effect.

You see, not being happy at work seems like a simple problem. However, it is best solved using the soul’s energy as a guide and as fuel.

Your best intelligence is in the power and energy of the soul, not in logic. We must use both the practical world and the energetic or spiritual world.

Why Work Ruts Happen

The practical world is filled with “to-dos” for the resume, interview techniques, and the like! LinkedIn profiles and automated resume submission scanners seem to be insurmountable obstacles for many. Indeed, these are all able to be navigated and learned in the world of mind and skills.

The energetic world is one with mystery and massive miracle-making fuel. If you do not tap in to this vast energy, you will find less than the result you desire. The same problems will follow you … wherever you go.

What we all need to know about navigating this extremely important terrain (it is not terrain at all, but rather a field of energy), are the following five principles.

Know Your Intangible Self

We often take stabs in the dark for what we want. That looks like random guessing or paying attention to others’ opinions about our skills and talents.

When we lack direction of who we are at the soul level (and then follow that direction), we guarantee feeling lost and depleted.

The Universe supports inner direction. We were born with the ultimate inner guidance system. The best first step? Tap back into that inner guidance system.

Know Your Attractor Pattern

As important to understanding the real inner you is knowing the attractor pattern that you have created and continue to stamp with your thoughts and feelings.

What is an attractor pattern? Each and every minute, your subconscious energy is emitting signals to the unified field in which we are all connected.

This field is always sending back “results”—your attractor pattern—based on what you have in your life. Do you need to clear your energy? Create a better path of energy transmission?

Clear your energy through meditation, journaling, and living in the gratitude of your life. This is a constant lifestyle, like brushing one’s teeth. Keep at it!

Define Your Path in Detail

The Universe favors the bold. It also only knows what is asked. Get so clear on your desired destination that it is clear to you every minute. Stop beckoning this and that … define the details.

When your intellect, fears, and critics to get the best of you, remember: All dreams have specifics. The more vivid your dreams, the better they come to you.

Listen to Your Higher Self

Stay in touch with your best inner guidance system. Your higher self is the connection to your Source. This is where all the best answers are and will be for you.

The key to listening to yourself is in staying connected to your heart. Your expanded heart and soul energy are the source of your best direction. The trouble is, so many of us were raised in a traditional environment: Strive for good grades, complete tasks, and live in our intellect.

Intellectual overprocessing is so slow and clunky! It leads to decisions fraught with fear. Avoid the intellect for your direction as much as possible. Stay in the soul to find your way.

Stay in Touch With the Source Energy

The final piece of tapping in to the Universe and your God supporting your dream job? Stay in touch with the infinite energy and love of your Source. Your God is coming through you as energy to direct your life and provide inspiration.

You must receive the highest vibration of energy to receive it. You can stay in your highest self by regularly tapping in to your Source through meditation, being vigilant on your thoughts and feelings, and being in alignment with the highest energy you can align with.

This is the love, joy, and clarity of life. This is the openness, the beauty, the possibilities of your life fulfilled!

By staying in tune with these five strategies, you will boost your dream job prospects. To be the highest version of yourself, stay in tune with your soul and the unified field!

A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

Napoleon Hill

About the Author

Mo Faul is a former C-Suite Health Care executive and the creator of the Kick Ass Career Coaching Program. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Mo decided it was time to apply all of her education and expertise to help her clients to manage major transitions with grace and ease. She hosts the weekly radio program Bring Your Soul to Work on Unity Online Radio. You can follow her on Facebook.


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