Following the Christ within us to find peace

Today I imagine myself sitting next to Jesus and looking into his eyes. I ask him, “Master, how can I forgive?” After a moment, with a loving smile, he answers me.

“It’s not something you have to do by yourself. You can do it the way I taught you. Do you remember my prayer, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing?’”

Those words resonate with force in my heart, reminding me that true and authentic forgiveness can only be achieved by divinity, by the indwelling Spirit in each being.

That is the forgiveness that authentically heals and breaks us free, and that is the forgiveness Jesus teaches us.

This time of Lent is a time of reflection that invites us to go within ourselves and, there, in the silence of our soul, commune with the Source of all good, the Source of life, light, and love.

That omnipotent Source is always there, ready to transform all sorrow and suffering into pure love.

Regardless of the situation that disturbs us, or the person for whom we feel less than love, let us ask the Christ in us to forgive.

Following Jesus's Example

Jesus has left us a profound and wise teaching when, by his example, he shows us that only God, the indwelling divinity in each one of us, can truly forgive. And this is so because the indwelling Spirit only perceives the Divine in each being, only sees the truth, the light, and the love, which are our true nature.

We are divine in essence; we are pure spirit in all its potential. Therefore, in the face of life situations that cause us suffering, grief, or guilt, let us allow Spirit to do its healing work through us.

Let’s follow the example of humility, strength, and courage that Jesus demonstrated. Let us accept that to truly forgive we need divine help and have the strength and courage to ask the indwelling Spirit for it.

Regardless of the situation that disturbs us, or the person for whom we feel less than love, let us ask the Christ in us to forgive.

If we can remain firm in this attitude, affirming with faith that it is the divinity in us that forgives—even in those moments we are overrun by anger, frustration, sorrow, fear, or any emotion a memory evokes in us—we can be assured that forgiveness has already been made, deep within our being, and that the peace it brings is reaching our soul.

About the Author

Rev. Beatriz E. Gallerano Bell and her husband Frank have a ministry in Córdoba, Argentina, called Unity, Sembrando Luz (Unity, Sowing Light), and oversee distribution there for the Spanish-language Daily Word®, La Palabra Diaria. This article first appeared in the booklet Release and Renew 2022: A Spiritual Practice for Lent.


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