How to learn to let go and fall into spontaneous play again

Have you become too old to play hopscotch with your friends?

When I was young, I lived totally in the moment—the ever-present now, enthusiastically playing hopscotch or blindman’s buff with my friends. Time had no bearing, as I was lost in the activity of Spirit, centered perfectly in the now moment.

I eventually crossed an imaginary time line and lost the art of spontaneous play. It became a chore to have fun. Boats, planes, golf clubs, travel, and planned vacations became the norm—there was lots of work involved in having fun! I guess the child within me who loved to play gave in to work and being productive.

Sure, there were times when I might spend a moment in the now—a millisecond of spontaneity and gaiety. But most days, I had my attention focused on being productive, accomplishing, and moving forward to the next project.

In the Mood to Play

One morning not long ago, I awoke to the sound of a bird chirping outside my window. I sensed something new and fresh within my soul. I felt young again—in the mood to play.

I went outside and discovered a new world was awakened within me. There were towering oak trees, a babbling brook, and white-tailed deer feeding nearby.

I was captured by the moment. My spirit was reborn to play once more.

I got out my old Schwinn bicycle and pumped up the tires and oiled the chain. I was ready to ride, and so I did, off into the glorious sunrise. Huffing and puffing as I rode, I smiled. And as I smiled, the world smiled back at me. I was free.

I was unencumbered by the seriousness of life, those matters that would drag me down if only in my mind.

What had happened? Why this change in attitude and heart?

Where Did This Sudden Surge of Youth Come From?

The spiritual truth is that we are reborn when we let go of our old ideas and beliefs—when we surrender to the moment at hand, to whatever life is presenting us.

Well, how do we let go and surrender to the moment?

  • By touching pain and not recoiling from it.
  • By facing fears and not allowing them to paralyze us.
  • By allowing a glimmer of hope to enter our consciousness when all seems lost.
  • By living fully in the present moment.
  • By loving instead of resenting, being open to a miracle, releasing the past while also learning from it, and by trusting the goodness in life to hold us, to feed us, and to nurture our souls.

Why Did I Wait So Long to Let Go?

  • Because my psyche needed to develop before I could let go.
  • I had to grow up before I could become a child again. The circle of life always completes itself when Spirit is in the center.

Today might be a good day to call your friends and play hopscotch on your sidewalk. Spirit is calling you to play.

About the Author

Rev. John Beerman graduated in 2015 from Unity Institute® with a master’s degree in Divinity and was ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries at that time. He has led churches in Loveland, Colorado, and Clemson/Anderson, South Carolina, and is now senior minister at Unity of Medina in Ohio. John's passion in ministry is conveying and living Unity Truth principles in a way that is transparent and spiritually awakening.


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