It may seem a little far-fetched to think that cutting out pictures and pasting them on heavy paper or cardboard can bring good to us or change our lives. But treasure mapping is a deliberate choosing and working toward good.

There are many kinds of maps. They can be any shape or size. Large ones are easy to see from a distance; small ones can be placed inconspicuously. 

Begin your map by making a decision: What is this map for? If you have many desires, choose the most important one—your first good. Approach mapping with pleasure and with humility, for you are using your inner power to think, to decide, to image, to believe, to accept.

"While you affirm and picture the good you want to experience, thank God that the good is already created."

All maps should be as simple as possible—with clear, vivid pictures, preferably in color. 

Maps need words, for there is power in words— thought, spoken and written. Strong affirmations give strength to expectancy of the pictured good. Biblical promises remind you that you have a rich heritage from God.

Always use a symbol for God—a Bible or a church or whatever signifies to you that God is the one and only source of your good. 

Do not forget to add money to your map in some form, if the desired good requires financing. This can be in the form of checks written out in full, or “play” money can be attached to the map to symbolize that all money needed will be provided. 

Let God help you all the way through. Pray for help in deciding on the desire.

Thank God continually for bringing about the good you want. Show your cooperation by listening and heeding any direction you receive. 

After you have made your map, expect it to work. While you affirm and picture the good you want to experience, thank God that the good is already created: Thank You, God, for answered prayer. I now accept this or something better for the good of all concerned. This good now comes to me perfectly, completely and in peace.

Picturing an Abundant Life

A treasure map pictures what we want. It has been called “pictured prayer.” Just as a road map indicates the way to a planned destination, a treasure map helps us get what we desire—healing, supply, a job, possessions, happiness. Physically, it is a piece of paper on which we have placed pictures of what we want with statements of faith. 

We think, and we form our world after the pattern of our thinking. A map helps us think right so that we can and do create what we want to experience.

It keeps us close to God. It reminds us every time we look at it that we are one with God and divine abundance. 

Color helps you focus and remember. Use pink when mapping for health, deeper pink or red for love, “money” green for wealth—bringing gold for prosperity, orange for energy, heavenly blue or clear yellow for spiritual unfoldment, lavender for service. Often color pictures are more effective against a neutral or white background.

Enjoy this podcast with Janice Campbell, LUT — Can Treasure Maps Be a Spiritual Practice?


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