When I was growing up, my family had constant interaction with the spirit world. I never felt alone or unsafe, and that feeling of being completely protected was remarkable.

I remember one time as a teenager, rebellious and wanting to be my own person, I asked my mom if I could go babysit. But I was lying and just wanted to go party with my friends.

“Well, what does your spirit say? What do your angels say?” she asked. “Is this in your best interest?”

Ah, rats, I thought. She put it right back on me, and I didn’t go.

That was how she empowered my six siblings and me.

We didn’t have to rebel against authority because she taught us that the authority in our lives was our inner voice—our guides and our angels. She trusted that implicitly in her own life, and so she wanted us to do the same.

Her primary message to us was that no matter what happens—no matter what you hear or see or what other people are saying—you can go within and listen to your heart.

Trust your divine connection. You are surrounded by angels and guides. God loves you infinitely and will always take care of you.

That was very empowering because she didn’t tell us what to do—she taught us that our hearts would tell us what to do and that our guides would take care of us.

Learning from Mom

My mom had quite a colorful, challenging past.

She’s Romanian and was evacuated during World War II when she was 12. She lost her family and ended up in a concentration camp and then a work camp before the American soldiers came and freed everyone.

She lived pretty much with a bunch of liberated prisoners of war, and all of them were on the same playing field.

The war wiped out the food and the opportunities, so they had to be resourceful. They had to use their intuition, their wits, and their connection to heaven to get by.

That’s what she taught us too.

Connecting with Heaven

Here’s how to do it: When you’re ready to hear from your angels and guides, take a look around where you are in the moment.

Notice three specific physical things in front of you and name them out loud: “There’s the floor; there’s the computer; there’s the window.”

This brings you out of your ego head and into your body and into the present moment, which is very important.

Then take a slow breath in through your nose, and shift your attention so you’re turning from the outside world to the inside. Become aware of the energy you are experiencing in your body.

There is no need to get caught up with the why; just feel what it feels like to be in your own body.

Now place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and exhale, pulling your belly into your spine, and let your breath go, emptying yourself of everything as though you’re blowing out candles.

Slowly draw your breath from your feet up your body, up your spine, and into your heart space. This allows your heart to open.

Now open your jaw really wide until you hear a click in your ear. You will feel something shift in your throat and your heart.

Let out a loud sigh: Aaaahhh.

Notice where you landed at the end of that sigh. It’s like going down a slide until you’re in your heart.

Now let that breath expand like white light filling you up. You’re creating room to breathe.

Your mind quiets down right away. Everything disturbing and noisy in your head is pushed out. You begin to experience life in the place where you meet your spirit, your guides, and your angels.

And the way you meet them is by listening.

Call on the archangels when you want soul growth and to really move forward in life ... When you want change, a shift.

Speak the Energy

This can be confusing for many people the first time they try to connect because spirits don’t speak in language—they speak in energy and vibration. So just feel the energy in your heart, feel your heart beating.

Feel the breath that’s giving you life. Listen for those energy feelings that you then translate into language.

If you’re feeling stuck, two words that can always help you open up are “I wonder.”

I wonder what my spirit really wants?

I wonder what my angels and guides want to help me with today?

I wonder what I’ll allow?

I wonder how much fun this will be?

I wonder how much support I’ll make myself available to?

Those are the tools that bring you to the space we’re talking about. It’s not complicated, not difficult. It’s just an awareness. I call it a change of the channel.

Then trust that you’ve been heard, and get out of the way, and simply expect the answer to come. That’s the key, to let go and trust.

It’s like when you order something you need online—you can relax because you know it’s coming.

But remember that angels and guides will not help your ego because your ego is about separation.

Your ego is always going to be at odds with everyone else’s ego.

Your guides will only help your spirit because the spirit is the divine, unconditionally loving part of you.

No Need to Call

By the way, you never need to call on your guardian angel.

Your guardian angel is always there, walking with you like a guard who protects you and clears interference, gently tilting your awareness here and there, just making sure you’re on your path.

Talk to your guardian angel like you talk to your best friend. Thank them. They will just sort of step in and step out in a natural flow.

Mostly we recognize contact with an angel after the fact. We often don’t recognize it in the moment because we’re more concerned with what we need help with, but later we think, Whoa, that was pretty remarkable.Who was that? Then you realize it was your guardian angel.

Call on the archangels when you want soul growth and to really move forward in life—when you’re tired of being negative or fearful, tired of struggling with receiving. When you want change, a shift.

The archangels—or the archies, as I call them—are the big forces.

They can help you live like royalty in that you have all this assistance ready and waiting to clear a path for you, to manage life and to make it flow at the highest possible level of grace and abundance because that brings out the best in you.

You become the most loving, joyful, fabulous, generous person on earth. The archies help your heart open so you can become an earth angel.

I always ask people to tell me about their earth angel experiences.

I’ve taught around the world for almost 50 years, and I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t have one. They may just never have acknowledged it; these are common experiences that are often overlooked. We need to remember—to drop into our heart, create space, and remember—and then validate them instead of dismissing them. Claim them. Celebrate them.

Thank your angels and guides and make them a conscious part of your experience.

This article was adapted from a September 2021 interview Sonia Choquette gave to Michael Sandler on his Inspire Nation show on Unity Online Radio. Visit inspirenationshow.com.

This article appeared in Unity Magazine®.

About the Author

Sonia Choquette is a New York Times best-selling author, international speaker, spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, and transformational visionary guide. She’s written 27 books (including Trust Your Vibes, originally published in 2004 by Hay House and recently revised) that have been read by more than a million people. Visit soniachoquette.net.


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