A cosmic intelligence in you responds when you acknowledge it.

You communicate with this intelligence through an inner awareness, and probably the best way to establish this communication is by sitting calmly and opening yourself to the wisdom of this intelligence. The most common name for this activity is meditation, but don’t let the word scare you—there’s really nothing strange about it.

Meditation is the conscious direction of one’s attention to the inner self. It allows you to get in touch with that wisdom deep within you that can always be relied upon to let you know what to do. Because it is the quickest and surest way to increase your awareness, regular meditation should be an important part of your daily activity. 

To become aware of your soul’s needs, set aside time each day for regular, quiet meditation. …

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet spot, close your eyes, and sit in silence. Don’t try to think of anything, but if a thought floats through your mind, simply observe it. Do not analyze it or try to get rid of it.  

One good meditative technique and one that works for most people is to simply observe your breathing. That’s all. Simply become consciously aware of your breathing. As you do this, keep breathing naturally. In ... and out. In ... and out. In ... and out. Don’t change the rhythm in any way. Merely be aware of your breathing. Concentrate on it. Actually experience it. This works well to keep idle thoughts at bay.

For the first week or so it may be difficult to sit quietly for even a brief time. Your mind, like an inquisitive monkey, may jump from thought to thought, rebelling at the unfamiliar stillness. But keep at it. It won’t be long before the hyperactive monkey settles down and you are savoring this quiet time. 

Begin with one five-minute session in the morning and another at night.

Eventually, you can increase these sessions to 20 minutes or as many minutes as you feel comfortable with. In time, the right answers and the right direction for you will come forth from your own inner spirit, for it is most assuredly there waiting to help you. 

Adapted from Turn-Around: When Your Life Is In Crisis, © 2002, available at www.jafolla.com. Used with permission of the authors.

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About the Author

Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla are the authors The Quest and many other books. They founded Spirit of Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to all aspects of wellness. They are former directors of Silent Unity, the prayer ministry of Unity.


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