Vibration is everywhere, at the root of all things.

Even the "simple" act of voice communication is really not so simple. Thought vibrations in one person lead to vibrating vocal cords sending forth sound waves that vibrate another's ear drums; then the vibrations are decoded into some kind of awareness leading to thought vibrations in the other person. ...

Squeeze out all the space of your body and you will have the bulk of a speck of dust. And yet, when those particles are singing their songs of life, you have a body that breathes and walks and talks and dances. You are a vibration.

One of the benefits of attending a religious service in a church a church or cathedral (or music hall) over simply reading spiritual things out of a book is that a response is felt in the cells and functions of the body as a healing influence.

When the vibration of the body temple is synchronized with the positive vibrations, every service is a healing service.

Of course, you may not always be in situations where the vibrations are good. You may be unhappy about the bad vibrations at work, in your neighborhood, even in your own home. Jesus said: ''Agree with thine adversary quickly…" (Matt. 5:25 A.V.). Don't be misled; He is talking about your adverse reaction, the bad vibration of your resistance. To "agree," as He uses the term, means to get in tune with God, to become synchronized with the divine flow. When you are poised in yourself, you are in a position to project this positive vibration to the world.

Ask yourself, "Am I part of the solution to the problems around me, or am I part of the problem?" If you react with anger or bitterness or fear, you are projecting negative vibrations, and thus you are part of the problem. Unless you want to perpetuate conditions around you, you must change your thoughts about them.

Jesus said to let your light shine.

One with positive vibrations of light emanating from him can walk into a room and his presence is immediately felt as a harmonizing influence.

On the other hand, Al Capp caricatures the one who walks in darkness: Joe Btfsplk walks with a dark cloud over him, spreading entropy wherever he goes. Hens do not lay, cars will not start, people cannot get along.

We need to work constantly to heighten our consciousness, to build positive vibrations within. We do this most effectively through the power of the spoken word. Charles Fillmore says: Words are the most powerful agents of the mind. Every time we speak we cause the atoms of the body to tremble and change their places.

When you speak you send forth vibrations that the Bible says have the power of life and death. Isaiah says: Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees . . . (Isa. 10:1). Many of our woes might very well be traced back to such words as "my aching back!" and such.

If you are facing a physical challenge and someone asks, "How are you?" instead of responding with an "organ recital," let something good be said! You can say that you know that you are in the flow of life and that you are getting stronger every day. Or if you are on the verge of saying something negative about yourself, or wanting to pass on a choice bit of gossip, let something good be said!

There may be a time when you yearn for some word of Truth from a counselor or teacher, some specific answer to your need. Actually, you may more importantly need the contagion of a triumphant spirit. In a Sunday worship service, you may not receive the answer to your need in so many words, but you may experience a heightened consciousness in which you will unfold your own answer. It is the finest way, the only unfailing way.

Take a moment right now to get into the vibration of your own inner sanctuary.

Be very still. Let your heart sing its song of joy. As the cells of your body clap their hands in ecstasy, your whole being is now synchronized with the rhythm of the universe. You are now ready to go forth into your world with the healing, harmonizing, and projecting vibration going before you to make safe, joyous, and successful your way.