This article is one of the Unity Classics written by legendary leaders of Unity. Some date back decades, even a century. That’s why the language may seem a bit formal, and the writers sometimes used masculine nouns and pronouns that were considered proper for their era.

Take a Minute: Learn About Prayer. Rest in the Presence.

Minute prayers are possible for anyone to practice. No matter where you are, you can call upon the presence of God. Take that minute, in spite of anything, in the midst of anything, regardless of the place or circumstance.

Take a minute before getting out of bed in the morning. During morning activities, every so often stop for another minute. Quiet your thoughts, anxieties, rushed feelings, and again feel yourself enfolded in the presence of God. Everything that seemed so pressing will become secondary. An awareness of being in control will fill you and you will go forward with order and confidence.

Give 10 Minutes a Day

During the noon and afternoon hours, keep faithful with the minute prayer. The more rushed you are, the more urgent things appear, the more important it is to stop for one quiet minute in which you turn to the inner light, the presence of God within you.

One minute out of every hour of your working day totals only eight or 10 minutes. But what a difference it makes in your inner feelings, in your facial expression, in the effectiveness of working, serving, and living.

The minute prayer keeps you on the beam. It brings you out of the rush of the world into the kingdom of heaven briefly, but long enough to taste, touch, and feel the presence of God in a new degree. It disciplines the mind, feeds the soul, heals the body, and prospers the affairs.

Practicing the presence of God through minute prayers enlarges the capacity for receiving the Presence in every detail of life. You find it in your work, home, body temple, family, and world. You awaken to the Presence everywhere.

As you begin the minute prayer, visualize the light of God enfolding you. See yourself sitting quietly in the light. See yourself rested, receptive. For just one minute, rest there in the light.

How One-Minute Prayers Change Your Day

You will be amazed at the power one minute spent like this has:

  • To bring you into right perspective
  • To give you new, rich ideas you need
  • To clear away the cobwebs
  • To relax the muscles
  • To bring healing to the body

Everything you find to do afterward will carry with it greater drive, energy, power, love, peace, and success.

If you are lonely, rest in the light, and you will feel the Presence as love and companionship. You will be directed into the right relationships and at the right time.

If you are angry and upset, rest in the light. You will be astonished at the change in yourself. You will become more gentle and forgiving, and harmony will be effected.

If you are confused and unsure of yourself, rest in the light and you will find a blessed new awareness of confidence and assurance after the minute prayer.

Take a Minute! Give a Minute!

Experience a minute prayer. Practice the Presence minute by minute. Learn about prayer by the minute. Let your life fall under the control of the minute prayer. It will change everything for the better in miraculous ways.

As you continue the minute prayers for a week, a month, or longer, the light will make itself known to you. The inner gates of perception will open automatically to the kingdom of God within you. Experience the minute prayer! Experience the power of it, the peace of it.

Take a minute—now!

About the Author

Rev. Mary L. Kupferle (1916–2003) was a prominent Unity minister in Florida whose articles appeared in Unity Magazine®, Daily Word®, and other Unity publications beginning in 1944. With special emphasis on prayer, she inspired millions of readers through her writings, including the classic book God Will See You Through.

Mary Kupferle


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