Traveling to Inner Space

We heard a lot this past year about space travel and the launch of the space tourism industry. Rocket ships hosting excited passengers blasted off and flew three times the speed of sound on a joy ride to the edge of space, where they floated weightless in zero gravity.

It was not so long ago that the magic and adventure of space travel seemed out of reach. However, with sheer determination and passion, the dream was achieved.

Billions of dollars were spent. Research was conducted. Space stations were constructed. Test flights into space were done and redone after improvements were made. It’s a venture that started back in 1961 with the onset of space exploration. Clearly it took a high level of stick-to-itiveness to accomplish the goal—determination by all those involved to achieve something that started as an idea held in mind. Determination can make a once impossible task become possible.

Where our mind goes, energy flows. So we keep our minds focused on God’s goodness, feeling gratitude for all that we’ve accomplished thus far and gratitude for the journey ahead.

So how do we remain determined when faced with a seemingly impossible challenge?

We journey to space! No, not the trip that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is a journey to space that we all can take that doesn’t cost a dime. It’s the journey within. That secret place where our Christ self lives.

How do we prepare for such a journey?

No baggage is allowed on this journey. We are to leave behind any self-doubt or negative self-talk, thoughts, or beliefs. The only thing we’re taking with us is our positive, can-do attitude.

Where our mind goes, energy flows. So we keep our minds focused on God’s goodness, feeling gratitude for all that we’ve accomplished thus far and gratitude for the journey ahead. We pray for divine wisdom to guide our decisions.

Traveling with God to our inner space enlightens us, energizes us, and renews us. We stay passionate about our goal or dream because our purpose is tied closely to the desires we hold in our hearts. We embrace the adventures and remain open to learning new things.

It’s an awesome trip that we can take anytime, anywhere, as we persevere through any challenging obstacle. Let’s get on board!

A Prayer for Determination in All Children

Through conscious awareness of God in all, we envision all children everywhere free of discomfort, hopelessness, anxiety, negative self-talk, and seeming limitations.

Consciously connected with the Christ presence, their success is assured in all endeavors. Each child is now poised and confident, knowing that with God all things are possible.

A Shared Family Prayer for Determination

As we relax into this quiet moment, we focus on our breath and calm the thoughts scurrying through our heads. In the silent stillness, we feel the rhythm of our heartbeats.

The same divine order that controls the beating of our hearts is present in all areas of our lives and affairs.

We now relax into God’s perfect plan for us and, with peace in our hearts, we are energized and strengthened to handle all that once felt unmanageable. Thank you, God, for opening the way to our success.

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About the Author

Dr. Araceli Marchan has served as the youth director at Unity Center for Holistic Living in Trinidad and Tobago for more than 10 years. She has spent most of her life empowering children worldwide as an innovative educator, motivator, and founder of ICLP Tutor where she inspires children to succeed.

Araceli Marchan


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