This monthly column is to help parents, grandparents, and teachers introduce children to spiritual topics in the context of prayer. It includes a prayer for adults, one for children and adults to share, and a short affirmation for children to remember and take with them.

The Secret of Harmony

Let’s begin by relieving ourselves of an old, worn-out belief, one that can really get in the way of appreciating and embracing the very nature of harmony. Ready? Maybe take a nice, deep breath before reading on, just to prepare yourself for a new view. Here goes!

We do not have to like or believe the same things that someone else does in order to love and cherish them. In fact, having a family or a group of friends with diverse beliefs, interests, and ways of being can open our hearts and minds. It expands our capacity to love. The really thrilling part: Our open acceptance and embrace of a wide variety of personalities, views, activities, and ideas spreads waves of tolerance, flexibility, compassion, and unity that actively create a better world.

Seriously? The things I do have that much power? Yes, they do. In Unity we know that everything boils down to energy, to resonance in vibration. We don’t need to be the same; we simply need to find resonance within our differences.

The next time a family member is struggling with their uniqueness or when a group is in conflict, take some time to wonder What if? together. What would our world be like if it only had one or two colors? How exciting would nature be if there were only five kinds of animals? How inspiring would music be if there were only three notes? The myriad ways that everything shows up on our planet makes it the most exciting and beautiful one in our entire solar system. If we can receive someone else’s contrary view as a possibility for something new and expansive to consider instead of something to fight against, harmony happens. Life becomes better and richer.

By making room to embrace vast differences, we become freer, lighter, and filled with more joy. Our excitement is contagious because when we’re happy, compassion and understanding naturally extend outward to everyone we meet. We deal differently with other people, which serves to improve their mood and attitude, and they in turn are more tolerant and happier with others. It’s like ripples moving outward from a drop of water. The energy spreads and expands, reaching far beyond the person who began it. If enough of us can be that drop of awareness, then like magic the world becomes a happier, more tolerant and inclusive place to be. Peace is possible.

It doesn’t mean we have to agree; we just need to make room for someone else to have their own opinion. They say theirs, and we share ours, allowing both. If we approach our differences with curiosity instead of conflict, we might even explore where our beliefs came from and why we chose to embrace them. We might eventually agree—or agree to disagree. Either way, our differences can harmonize, becoming resonant notes instead of clashing. We can create a world that truly works for all.

A Prayer for Family Harmony for All Children

In a prayer of visualization, I close my eyes and open my heart. Centering my awareness on God-ness, I envision each member of my family as different notes or instruments playing music we craft together. I sense each member’s unique sound or beat as it adds to the fullness of the symphony we have come here to create. The notes come together, increasing in clarity, volume, and vibration with my vision and appreciation. So grateful for the chance to add this beautiful song to the world, it rings out, and I feel the world swaying to the music of love. As I claim it, I live it, and so it becomes.

A Shared Family Prayer for Harmony

We gather, each with our unique view, to feel our family coming together in harmonious ways that benefit the world around us. Holding and enfolding each other in appreciation for our differences, we know that God among us brings it all together in a beautiful and powerful blend. Calling to heart something about each member that, although different, adds to our life in helpful ways, we hold them in the energy of appreciation. Then we send love and gratitude to each one for being exactly who they have come here to be.

Together we affirm:

Colorful geometric shapes on a white background with the text “The ways I am different add beauty and strength to my family and the world.

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About the Author

Trish Yancey, LUT, CSE, serves as spiritual leader at Unity of Sebring, Florida. She is the author of The Heart of Prayer and other books for children.


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