Prosperity Is Being Aware of God’s Good

When most people hear the word prosperity, they automatically think about material possessions. It’s important for children to understand that prosperity is not dependent on material possessions but is rooted in an awareness of the goodness of God that is present everywhere.

We only need to look to the abundance of nature for evidence of the Creator’s intention for us to prosper. There are countless leaves on trees, grains of sand, species of animals, rays of sunshine, and all kinds of people. So much is in abundant supply in various forms of manifestation, it’s too much to be measured or seen.

True prosperity is having a consciousness of rich ideas—that is, being aware of the inexhaustible substance that is available to all of us, at all times, in all places.

In the children’s story about the three little pigs, each pig went out to build a house, but only one of them had the wisdom to build a structure strong enough to withstand harsh weather and the attacks of the predatory wolf. This wisdom can be compared to our conscious awareness of God as the source of our supply. Prosperity is available to each of us equally. We access this prosperity by opening ourselves to receive.

Being prosperous is about feeling confident and having faith that everything is working out in the best possible way. True prosperity is having a consciousness of rich ideas—that is, being aware of the inexhaustible substance that is available to all of us, at all times, in all places. We are then able to see and feel divine substance as our living reality. Simply put, true prosperity is being happy and feeling blessed.

Our attitude helps to shape our lives. So it’s vital that we always thank God for all that we have and all that we desire. When we live with an attitude of gratitude, we are on the right path to living prosperously!

A Prayer for Prosperity in All Children

As we behold the Christ presence within each other, we see every child as God’s wholeness in expression.

All thoughts of lack or limitation, resentment or fear, are now replaced with an understanding that everything is in abundant supply and in divine order.

Prosperity is our birthright, and as children of the Divine, we have full access to God’s good.

Our minds are now open to firmly establish within every child a consciousness of abundance.

We believe. We accept. We expect and we claim our divine inheritance now!

A Shared Family Prayer for Prosperity

As we relax into the stillness, we concentrate on the gentle rhythm of our breathing. We listen to the still, small voice within as it reassures us that no good thing is ever withheld from us.

God is our source. The prospering power of God is our only reality. We are now in the flow of prosperity, and all that is right for us flows to and through us with ease.

With grateful hearts, we say in unison: “Thank you, God, for everything.

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About the Author

Dr. Araceli Marchan has served as the youth director at Unity Center for Holistic Living in Trinidad and Tobago for more than 10 years. She has spent most of her life empowering children worldwide as an innovative educator, motivator, and founder of ICLP Tutor where she inspires children to succeed.

Araceli Marchan


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