We in the Unity Prayer Ministry have always been honored to pray for animals, for we believe that animals are a vital part of the Divine. The Bible states that God created "every living creature that moves ... And God saw that it was good. God blessed them (Gen.1:21-22).

In prayer, you will find ideas for helping any animal that is important to you.


When you become aware of an animal in need of healing, remember that God's spirit moves in and through all creatures. You can expect winged and four-footed creatures to be healed through the power of God just as you would expect healing for yourself or any other human being. Have faith in the healing power of God to restore the animal to its natural perfection.

As you pray, let this be your heart's prayer:

You are God's beloved creature. God's healing life, love, and strength are now flooding every cell of your body, making you whole and well.

Missing Animals

When a beloved pet or animal is missing, see it enfolded in God's love and care. Remember that each animal has within it a Divine instinct to seek a place of shelter and to seek those who will provide food and care.

The love of God is within all people. Have faith that this is so. Know that the animal will be led to someone with the time, the knowledge, and the thoughtfulness to care for it and protect it. Trust that anyone who finds the animal will be divinely inspired to take the steps which will be for its highest good.

In prayer, hold this thought:

You are God's loving creature. You are led to your right place quickly and safely.

Dealing With Loss

The emotional bond you develop with an animal is very real and very natural, and the impending death of an animal can be unsettling. When the time comes to release an animal, take a few moments to experience peace in prayer. As you pray for your animal friend to pass peacefully, let your heart be comforted in the knowledge that the creature is enfolded in God's endless love.

Hold these words in your heart as you pray:

You are a beloved creation of God, and I release you into the loving spirit of the divine.

God cares for all creatures, so place any animal you are concerned about in God's care. No matter what the need is, the greatest blessing you can give is your love-filled faith-filled prayer and your belief that no one is forgotten.


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