A love of horses that started in childhood, a desire to help and serve, and the willingness to go where I felt called have led me to a place I could not have imagined.


Years ago, I thought that faith was enough to make my dreams come true. I thought if only I believed and prayed, the life I imagined would appear before my eyes. Later, I realized that I had to listen to my intuition and heed its call, to put my faith into action. Lastly, I realized there was a time to step back, to trust that all of the pieces would fall into place.

It all started with a horse named Daisy that I met at the Denver Zoo as a young child. My horse enthusiast parents were excited to snap a photo of me atop Daisy. I still have that picture and look at it often as a reminder that we have the power to realize our dreams when we have faith, listen to our intuition, and trust our guidance. Meeting Daisy activated something in my soul that linked me to horses, though the dream of owning one would not come until decades later.

“If you truly want this, you will have it, and nothing will stop you. Just follow your inner guidance one step at a time.”

As I grew up, I felt a call in my heart to help people. I wanted to help them realize their potential and live their best lives. I trusted this call and followed it into the study of psychology, which led me to become a therapist. I thought completing my study and starting my professional life would answer my call, but I soon realized that reaching the top of that mountain placed me at the foot of the next one.


I was surprised when I discerned what was next for me. The faith that had led me to my career was taking me somewhere unexpected and not entirely comfortable: into ministry. Discovering Unity provided me with a missing piece in my life and work—the realization that the very presence of God is within us. I knew this truth would be central to my life’s work, and not only as a therapist. I trusted my intuition that I was being called to pursue ministry.

But there was a catch. The idea of public speaking terrified me. How could I speak to large groups if I felt afraid to say my name in a small group of four or five? Yet the call was unmistakable. I sought the counsel of a trusted mentor at my church and remember his words to me: “If you truly want this, you will have it, and nothing will stop you. Just follow your inner guidance one step at a time.”

I was happy and fulfilled in my dual careers, grateful that my faith and intuition had led me this far. But something was still missing. My journey that started decades before was about to come full circle.


I had carried a deep knowing for years that horses would be part of my life. I stepped out in faith and answered a call to be certified as an equine-assisted psychotherapist. I had to trust that I would find the perfect horse to assist my work. I knew I had found my perfect partner when I scanned the agency’s website of available horses—only to be told someone else had claimed her and she was no longer available. Still, I knew she would be mine, although I didn’t know how. Even in my disappointment, I trusted, believing that after all of the other pieces of my life had fallen into place, this one would too. Sure enough, a few weeks later I got the call telling me she would be mine. I named her Harmony, a perfect reminder of the faith, intuition, and trust that led me to her.

A lifetime of putting faith, intuition, and trust into practice has shown me how beautifully they work together. My hope is that my story inspires you to realize yours.

When you have faith you’re on the right path, let your intuition guide you, and trust your journey, you could be led to a life beyond your dreams.

About the Author

Rev. Suzanne Carter is a Unity minister and licensed psychotherapist in Colorado. Learn more at suzannecarter.net.


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